Intramural sports during the pandemic

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During the pandemic, many schools have decided to close down their intramural sports program. Here at BGSU, intramural sports have returned safely during the spring semester. Look at how the students and staff have adapted to the pandemic and why intramural sports are important during these times.


The top teams of BGSU

Bowling Green State University is enjoying the success of their women’s basketball and volleyball programs. Both teams are looking to bring the school MAC glory.

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Learning about the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons at BGSU offer help to students with their abundance of classes. Griffin Olah and Paige Craft are two students who work at the Learning Commons. I asked them what their responsibilities are. Also, I asked about how the Learning Commons have adapted to COVID to ensure they can continue to help students whether they are on campus or off campus. Listen to the interview in the player above.

Joe Martin Slater Family Ice Arena Interview

The Slater Family Ice Arena is a unique place in Bowling Green. It is one of the few buildings that serve both the BG community and BGSU campus. I had sat down with Joe Martin, an assistant director at the ice arena. During this past year, a lot has changed with the arena. For the full interview, click here.

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