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About Me

My name is Wesley Woods. I am currently a senior at Bowling Green State University. I am majoring in sport management with a minor in journalism. I have numerous goals that I would like to pursue but above them all I would love to have a job involving sports media. I have been following different promotions like ESPN and Fox Sports for a long time and have always seen myself one day having a job on one of the talk shows. I enjoy especially seeing segments like First Take, Undisputed and more recently the DC and Helwani Show.

Watching these shows along with numerous podcasts inspired me to start doing some projects of my own. I started off attending BG Radio at school and seeing what it is like commentating sports firsthand. There I was able to learn more about how the sports room works behind the scenes and everything that goes into the production of college sports media. There I was able to record promos for upcoming games, report between each hockey period about the game, and operate the control room during multiple sporting events. Looking back, it was one of the more rewarding experiences of my college career that I hope to continue next year.

All this experience gave me the courage to expand myself in sports media even further. I began writing a sports blog on WordPress called FirstDegreeSports. I began publishing articles and after some positive feedback from my peers, friends, and family it made me realize that my dream was more within reach than I originally thought. The more I wrote the more I wanted my actual voice to be heard so I finally decided to make a YouTube page where I regularly discuss sports topics along with previewing and reviewing events. I have continued that growth by collaborating with a fellow sports blogger where we have created the podcast called Pro Talk on Facebook where we weekly post episodes discussing what has gone on the past week in sports. It has been an exciting journey up to this point and I am excited to see what more I branch out into as I grow in the sports field.

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