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My name is Marissa Levendoski and this is my third year at BGSU. I am a current multi-platform journalism major, with a minor in fashion merchandising. In high school I was the editor of my school's newspaper and ever since, I've grown an affinity for journalistic writing. I've loved to see how much media has grown over the years, and how people can use it to their advantage. In addition, I love fashion and I have recently started sewing and designing my own clothes. I consider myself a very versatile person who loves to learn, and take on new skills.

As my college career has started to wind down, I've began to put a lot of thought into what I want to do after graduation. My current job is for Shipt, a grocery delivery service. Although I have learned great communication and teamwork skills from customer service jobs, I am so excited to have a job that interests me. I hope to combine my writing and styling skills to get a job in the journalism-fashion industry. I enjoy the city life, so I definitely see myself moving to a large metropolitan area. My time in college has been unforgettable, however, I am ready to put my skills to the test and see what the future has in store for me.

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Faces of BG Interview

For my interview, I chose to interview my roommate Mackenzie Combs. I struggled to find someone that wanted to be interviewed in person, but she was a good candidate because she is religiously diverse. Despite growing up around Christian people, and going to a university that does have Christian influences, Mackenzie identifies as a spiritual non-conformist.  I wanted to ask her a little more about her previous religious experiences and how she feels about the influence of some religious organizations on campus. 

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Audio Interview

A New Way of Test Taking: A Student's Honest Opinion on Using Lockdown Browser

Prior to COVID-19, many web-based classes utilized Lockdown Browser, a test taking software that records and monitors students while taking online exams. Only students who specifically signed up for online classes would be at risk to have Lockdown exams.  Now, almost every student at the university can say that they have taken a Lockdown exam due to coronavirus and the emergence of Zoom classes.

Although Lockdown gives professors a piece of mind, it has brought about a significant amount of stress in students. Many students struggle to find a quiet, solitude environment to test take. Roommates, dorm living, and pets can all be factors that can flag an exam.  BGSU student, Catherine Kucharski speaks about her experience with Lockdown Browser and how it has changed the way she sees test taking.

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The Elephant on Campus: Ridge St. Construction

Despite there being a global pandemic, BGSU's campus has been working to maintain normalcy each day.  However, there seems to be an elephant on campus that no one can ignore, yet everyone ignores. At the intersection on Ridge St. and Willard Drive, near the Wolfe Center and the Kriescher Quadrangle, there is some major construction happening.  It has completely blocked off the road and the sidewalk.  Despite this construction being so heavy-duty, students have still managed to find their way around it and go to class. I have captured and put together a slideshow of the infamous construction that is currently taking up the road.

Script Story

Transitions to Tomorrow: Renovations on BGSU's Campus

In recent years, students at BGSU have witnessed an immense amount of construction on campus. Starting with renovations to Mosley Hall and University Hall in 2017, followed by construction of the brand new business building in 2018. Due to all of the campus upgrades, students are in for a treat when it comes to what the university has offer.

Video Story

How College Kids Have Fun

Towards the end of the semester, students start to feel the heat of schoolwork and other responsibilities. This can make it difficult to find time for themselves.  As the weather is getting nicer, it's important for college students to take time out of their day to just have fun, and be "big kids".