Nia Lambdin's Journalistic Approach

My name is Nia Lambdin. I am a first-year BGSU student majoring in journalism and minoring in communication and leadership. As a student, I am involved in many campus organizations. I have joined BG24 Media, Falcon News, and BG Authors. I am also apart of a combined group within BG24 and Falcon News that solely focuses on BGSU sports programs. I am also involved in the Chapman organization surrounding volunteering and improving the community around me, the Thompson Family Scholarship that is also focused on volunteering and helping our community, and the Falcon Leadership Insitute. Through all these organizations, I am learning and growing as a student and individual every day.

I want to shape the future of journalism through global news and by targeting those who can make changes occur. The readers need to not only be aware of global events but also aware of those who might otherwise not have a voice. I intend to be their voice, I want to push the boundaries of journalism by helping to stop oppressors. I would want my readers to become aware of marginalized groups who are facing struggles and hardships and want to take action. I aim to participate in and help lead the way with informative writings about more than home town experiences. I want to travel the world, talking with others about what daily difficulties they face and sharing their stories with hopes that others can step in and fill any gaps to help those overcome their struggles or battles. With strong research, I can use technology and other advancements made to help lead journalism into the future and take hold of problems that arise every day.

Chapman Director, Dr. Brett Holden

Academic Affairs Coordinator and Chapman Director, Dr. Brett Holden, spoke on his view and part of the Bowling Green State University's community. He has been apart of many different roles during his time at BGSU and emphasized how he has grown here and continues to grow day by day.

Here is my raw audio

Music Within BG

Maia Gardrandt and Ryan Flake explain, the audio below, their love for music and how Bowling Green State University has been a big part of their experiences.

Falcons After Dark

In the slideshow below, you will find information and thoughts about the Faclons After Dark event, ran by Bowling Green State University every Friday for the students.

Traditions to Tomorrow

The video below focuses on BGSU's Hanna Building demolition and reconstruction, along with University Hall, Mosely Hall, and the Kuhlin Center.

Saint Thomas University Parish

Below is a video containing Branka Gallo's experiences within the Catholic Church that sits right accross the street from Offenhauer Towers on the BGSU campus.