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My Journalistic Journey

About Me

Welcome to my About Me page! My name is Lonna Beyonce' Jones. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio where I graduated from The School For Creative and Performing Arts as a Drama major. The performing arts are near and dear to my heart.I wrote, recorded, and performed my original song called "Sort of Love" for my senior showcase in high school.I was also on a commercial for the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

I am currently a Sophomore at Bowling Green State University. I study Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Communications. I plan to become a news anchor when I graduate college and eventually have my own talk show one day. I love communicating with others and being in front of the camera. With my career as a journalist, I would like to focus on celebrity news.

I am also a member of a student-lead organization on campus called Queens of Color, as well as BGSU's University Dance Alliance. I enjoy getting involved on campus and meeting new people whenever I can. I am employed with BGSU's Office of Residence Life, where I work as a desk clerk at Falcon Heights dormitory.My job as a desk clerk is to communicate with the residents, assist them with their problems, do clerical work, as well as answer desk phone calls.

On my Youtube Channel I post everything school-related whether it's projects, auditions, etc. I also have a Twitter account that I will use to post journalistic tweets. I use my Instagram page to post lifestyle pictures to give people a better idea of who I am. I also like to showcase my talents on my Instagram page. My wordpress site showcases all of my projects that I have done in my Journalism 2550 class. I have included all of the links to my sites in my sidebar piece.

Faces of BG Project

I conducted an interview with Hani Baltagi, student/resident advisor/desk clerk at BGSU. I have provided the edited interview, as well as linked the raw audio to this page.

Unedited Interview Hani Baltagi is pictured here.

Audio Story Project

I covered a story on the opportunities to create friendships that students at Bowling Green State University have, as well as explore some of the activities that students do to strengthen their friendships with one another and make memories that they will never forget! I interviewed BGSU sophomores, Allie Snyder and Anastazia Horvath. The two girls were both very shy before they became roommates their freshman year of college and have grown very close to one another since then.I have provided the edited interview here:

This is a picture of Anastazia and Allie smiling/holding hands.

Slideshow Project

I asked multiple students that attend or have attended Bowling Green State University about their favorite art pieces on BGSU's campus. I learned that many BGSU students love and appreciate the art on campus. I later visited the locations where those art pieces were and photographed them. I created a slideshow of the photographs that I took using Adobe Spark. This is my finished product:

Voice Over Project

I created a voice over about BGSU's new business building. I edited the voice over with a sequence of B-roll clips that were provided to me. The clips showcase the buildings that are mentioned in the voice over.

Video Story Project

I interviewed and recorded Marisa Faass, the recruitment chair of Kappa Phi Christian Sisterhood at Bowling Green State University. Marisa gave a summary of what Kappa Phi is and what they stand for. I also took video footage of Kappa Phi's chapter meeting that they have every Sunday. This Sunday Kappa Phi decided to have a mental health-based chapter meeting instead of doing their weekly bible study. After I finished shooting footage, I edited my clips together. This is my finished product: