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Welcome to my Journalism Journey!

Macy Diaz-Southard is a sophomore at BGSU. She is majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Communications. Her academic journey consists of her earning the Dean's List for all three of the semesters that she has been enrolled for. Along her college journey, she has participated in community service, volunteerism and extracurriculars. Macy was a member of SMART, the Elem3nt Dance team and currently works at Dunkin' Donuts on campus. Most recently, Macy became a member of the LSU and BG24.

Macy continues to learn about her true self with every experience that she encounters. Being biracial in today's society comes with a challenge of its own. However, Macy embraces her diverse background and exudes positivity and inclusivity. During her free time, Macy enjoys dancing both to Afro beats and Hispanic dances. Macy schedules self care time by going to weekly dance classes that offer Salsa and Afro-Cuban musicality.

My first attempt in journalism would be when I wrote a story that was published on BG's Falcon Media page. I wrote this story for one of my journalism classes, it was a profile story package. I plan to use this website to upload all of my future stories and journalism experiences.

In being a part of BG24, I have learned so much. This semester was my first time being in this student org, and I have already done a VO Story for the weekly show. I am able to experience what journalism is really like and can use what I have been learning in the real world. With that, I love BG24 and I am excited for what is to come within my journey.

Faces of BG Interview Project.

Ana Brown

Click for unedited audio

This the Faces of BG edited audio story. This interview is about Ana Brown and her role here at BGSU, in the Multicultural Affairs Office. Her role in the BG community and in this specific office is a very interesting and unique one, which is described in this interview.

Saturdays are for Dancing Slideshow Project.

This slideshow presents photos and information on this dancing event. Every Saturday in Toledo Ohio, there is a dancing event instructed by Alonso.

Dunkin' Donuts Robots Video Story Project.

This is a video story discussing the Starship robots on the BGSU campus. Alyssa Lago, a Dunkin' Donuts employee, goes into depth on her experience and how the robots are ran.

Here is my audio story project.


This the edited audio story on Emotional Support Animals (ESA). A BGSU student, Amina Payne shares her journey and experience in owning an ESA. Hailey Kovacs, Payne's roommate shares her experiences after living with an ESA.

Click for Amina unedited audio

Click for Hailey unedited audio

VO Traditions to Tomorrow project.

This the voice over project that covers part of the Traditions to Tomorrow plan. This video story goes into detail of the plan to create the new business building.