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My name is Macey Austin and I am a broadcast journalism student completing a bachelor's degree, with a minor in communication at BGSU. After graduation, I wish to pursue a career in TV news, wherever my journey may take me.

I am pretty open to moving anywhere that I need to go for a job. I am only going to be young and full of energy for so long, so I am willing to move around and have a ton of experiences in a bunch of new places. As a journalist, I value the ability to be objective when reporting on a story, as every journalist should. I enjoy connecting and speaking with everyone that I interview or cross paths with, when completing a story.

Extracurricular Activities

No matter where I go, I always feel the need to be involved in something. I feel like being involved in any group or organization creates more purpose for yourself and allows you to build community. In my opinion, I think that these are some of the most crucial parts of life. In my time at BGSU, I find myself devoting a majority of my time to cheerleading.

I am apart of the all-girl cheerleading team at BGSU. We cheer for a majority of the sports on campus, but also participate in the UCA Nationals every year. It is very time consuming and requires a lot of hard work, but I like the challenge.

Along with this, I am apart of BG24, which is the TV News organization on campus. In this student org, I am the Assistant News director, but I also serve as a reporter/anchor. Being involved in BG24, I feel like I am being prepared for what a future job would look and be like as a reporter. I wish I could be involved in more on campus, but there certainly is not enough hours in the day for that to happen!

Faces of BG Interview

Photo of Jennifer McCary

This is my audio interview with Jennifer McCary, Chief Diversity Officer at BGSU.

You can access the interview here.

Audio Story

BGSU Falcon Flames Zach and Christina Tracy moved to Cleveland right after graduating around 2006, but later decided they wanted to raise their family in North West Ohio. In their move back to BG, they planted a new coffee and beer brew house called Juniper.

You can access the story here. Owner of Juniper photo

Slideshow Project

Freshman year, many BGSU students receive a BGSU bucket list. This list is a magnet with 100 things to complete in Bowling Green before you graduate. Here are just a few, along with a little bit of history about why some of these things are substantial to BGSU. How many of these have you completed?

Voice Over Project

BGSU is implementing many changes around campus. Here is more information on what will be getting updated and where the funds are coming from.

Video Story

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and BGSU put on a 5K and dog walk, where the proceeds go to the Cocoon.