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My name is Tatum Washington and I am a senior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Journalism. My skills that I have acquired from my experience in the work field have prepared me for a great career in Sports Industry. Experienced Customer Service Representative with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry.Skilled in Coaching Sports, Customer Service, Athletic Performance, Customer Satisfaction, and Microsoft Office. My experiences have made me very qualified for many positions within the sports industry. My skill level has helped me achieve a lot of the positions that I am in.Growing up playing sports and only really knowing sports has made me extremely passionate about entering the industry. My dream goal in this career field is to record a Los Angeles game and interview LeBron James after his game. It is my goal to create memorable and passionate experiences for the fans in the sports industry. Bringing a women’s perspective to a male dominated organization is risky but also brings a different stance. It is also my goal to show little girls that love sports a women can do this job too. When I graduate in 2020 I plan to to work for one of the main sport industries such as NCAA, NFL, NBA or ESPN. If I got the opportunity my dream job would be to taping live sports games on the court or field. After taping of the games interviewing select players after their performance during the game. Creating content for the millions of sports viewers is my dream job. Sports is the perfect way to reach millions of people around the world and bring them together. Which is why I would love to be apart of an industry that can bring everyone together to enjoy each other’s company and love for the games.