Spotlight: Robert W. and Patricia A. Mauer Business Center

The building previously referred to as Hanna Hall is now finishing up renovations to become the latest building to house BGSU’s College of Business. The newly renamed Mauer center was updated with helpful donations from Robert W. and Patricia A. Mauer and should be ready for use for the upcoming Fall Semester 2020.

Teenage Suburbia: Covid-19

The state of lockdown that the United States has been put in during the threat of the novel coronavirus has been particular challenging to navigate. One group struggling to come to terms with this new way of isolating living is the younger generation, who has never experiencing anything to this scale in their lifetime. Through the slideshow entitled “Teenage Suburbia: Covid-19” the day-to-day activities of teenagers are shown. Click here to watch.

Faces of BG Interview

In an audio interview, I speak with Patti Barnes. As a past BGSU student, she discusses her memories of BGSU through theatre and greek life. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, she also discusses a public health crises she faced while on campus.