Sophia Walcher's HTML Site

Sophia Walcher is a student journalist studying Broadcast Journalism at Bowling Green State University. She is an avid member on campus, actively participating in several student groups. She is the current assistant director of Bad Genetics Improv Comedy, competes on the Falcon Forensics Speech and Debate Team, and is a campus tour guide. She is also the current Historian for the Pi Kappa Delta Communications Fraternity. In Falcon Media she has published several editorials and has an article in Key Magazine. She is a lover of musical theater, and you can find her on the stage any chance she can get. She loves to write, and is currently writing a fantasy novel with one of her friends. She loves traveling, especially when it involves a walk downtown to Grounds for Thought. One of her favorite things to do is go hiking, and loves the biodiversity that Northwest Ohio has in its metro parks.

For her career, Sophia hopes to become a news anchor, television personality, or radio host. Her dream job is working on air with PBS because she loves working with kids, and has done so since high school. Having a radio show with NPR is also a goal for her. She is very interested in working with the representation of minority communities. Ever since she took a trip last year to New Mexico, she has been interested in shining a light on the discrimination that faces indigenous people in the Americas. She is passionate about social justice and reform, and would like to intertwine that with her journalistic work. She loves narrative driven articles that focus on big-picture issues or personality profiles. She understands the power of social media and hopes to utilize that as a tool and catalyst for change.

Sophia hopes to move to New York or Chicago to accomplish these dreams, so she can also continue her acting experience. She truly believes that you can have the best of both worlds!

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