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I am a Dayton, Ohio native looking to work in sports marketing, sales, or customer service! I am a problem solver and an experienced salesperson with a background in sports. I am currently working in customer service and sales, at a fitness studio in Perrysburg, Ohio. I have worked previously for the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) athletic departments, as well as for the coaching staff. I started working in athletics after I retired from football in Feburary of 2019. I retired from an injury to the pelvic bone – the bone that crosses between your hips. A link to my football profile at BGSU can be found here.

I am studying sports management & journalism, and graduating early in May 2020. I am a retired college football player at BGSU, as well as the University of Cincinnati. I am looking for a capstone internship site over the summer of 2020. I have had a few interviews, but nothing concrete (yet). My ideal internship site is within the NFL, ideally somewhere warm.

A link to my resume is here.

Personally, I have two older siblings. My sister is engaged and a destination wedding is coming in May of 2020. I have three dogs; Molly, Max, and Tito’s. Molly is a German Shepherd, Max is an odd mixture, and Tito’s is a mini-Goldendoodle.

In my free time I like to watch the Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones, and play PC games. My favorite local restaurant is Reverends Bar & Grill, their buffalo chicken tacos are superb. Other than Reverends, Benchmark is a good steakhouse, and Swig is another go-to.

My girlfriend is from Perrysburg, so she knew all the local places worth going to. We have been together for two years, and just celebrated her 22nd birthday!

Here is a link to where I spend most of my money

BGSU Journalism