Khamila Stevensons's Professional Website

My name is Khamila Stevenson and I am from Toledo, Ohio. I am a sophomore student that is currently attending Bowling Green State University. My major at BGSU would be Broadcast Journalism. My goal for the future is to do something television wise. Maybe one day I will become a person who is helping out on a talk show or even work for a radio station for music. I love writing and I am hoping to explore all types of journalism. I wrote a lot as a little kid and grew up wanting to do something with journalism.

As time went by I finally knew what I wanted to do or at least what I wanted to major in. During high school I took a lot of English classes. Once I took the required English classes I realized I wanted to do something different. The new special thing that I tried was a drama class. This made me realize that I wanted to do something with Journalism, but also be on TV. When I finally graduated from high school I decided to become a Broadcast Journalism major. I want to graduate college with a bachelors degree. Once I get the diploma that I want I will be able to do something television wise.

Since I am currently in college I will be able to have some kind of knowledge of what it’s like being a in the journalism industry. This should teach me how to edit a site, come up with story ideas, and writing stories for a limited amount of time. All these things together will help me understand where to apply these skills.So far I have taken five journalism classes and all of them were a learning experience. These classes can be very beneficial when one wants to start getting to know their outside sources.

Here is my resume.