The Olympics Throughout History

This year is a very special year for the Olympic Games. It will be the first time that an Olympic Games will be held in a year that doesn’t fall within the usual four year span. This is due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The Tokyo 2020  Games were supposed to be held last July, but, due to the seriousness of the pandemic, they had to be postponed. The new starting date for the Games will be July 23, 2021. However, they will still be called the Tokyo 2020 Games for branding and marketing purposes.

Even though this is the first time that the Olympic Games have been postponed, it’s not the first time where outside factors had an effect on the Games. The 1914 Summer Olympics that were supposed to be held in Berlin, Germany were cancelled due to World War I. Similarly, the same thing happened to the Summer Olympic Games of 1940 and 1944. World War II caused not one, but both of these Games to be cancelled.

Even those these Games didn’t occur, there have still been many successful Games all over the world from the first in 1896 to present day. Many teams have come and gone but the statistics still stand tall. Out of every team to ever compete, the most consistent country, and the one with the most overall medals, is the United States of America. But that doesn’t mean other countries haven’t won a decent amount as well.

But, despite the unique circumstance of this year’s Games, every country competing is sure to come out strong and will be determined to win as many of those Olympic medals as they can. Just take a look at how some of them have done over the years!

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The History of Apple

Every phone and almost every electronic device I’ve owned has been an Apple device. I’m definitely team Apple and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

In the 45 years that Apple has been running, they’ve done some amazing things and created some pretty innovative technological advancements. Don’t believe me, just take a look at their history!

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Antigens and Antibodies: Breaking Down and Explaining COVID-19

Do you constantly hear things about COVID-19 and all of these science terms that just get so jumbled in your brain and leaves you totally confused?

There’s so much talk these days about tests, vaccines and words such as “antigens”, “antibodies” and “pathogens”. I’m sure not many really know what those words mean or even care to know. Most people just want to know whether they have COVID or not and that’s it. Personally, I had no idea what those words meant or what the differences even were. I just heard these science terms and just vaguely associated them with COVID and other viruses.

I did some research to find out just exactly what those words meant and did some digging to find out more about COVID, tests and vaccines as well. This information definitely helped to expand my knowledge on all of this and I hope it will do the same for others as well. While living through a pandemic, I feel it is definitely helpful to be knowledgeable about it.

Thinglink and Illustration by Jake Pietrasz

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Slider Project: The Puzzle

Due to these unprecedented times, there are times when I have nothing to do and I get so bored. I’ve already watched so much Netflix and Disney+ that even that gets boring. However, I found something else to keep me busy and to keep my mind active as well…the puzzle.

I brought a few puzzles with me back to campus because I had a feeling I’d have some time to put them together. A few of them I have put together before while others were brand new. So when I was bored, I decided to pull out one of my brand new, 1,000 piece puzzles. It had a fun and enjoyable picture with a lot of details so I knew it was going to be a challenge. But, I was ready for it.

I put a few musicals on the tv to have some background noise and I went to work. I started with the border, which I always do, then I worked my way to the inside. There were pieces of the puzzle that had very identical designs on them, which made me a bit frustrated, but I didn’t let it get me too upset and I moved on. I remember sitting there and looking at all of the pieces and the space I had to fill and I kept thinking to myself “how am I ever going to get this done?”

However, as the puzzle started to come together, I started to get pretty excited because I couldn’t remember the last time I had completed an entire 1,000 piece puzzle by myself. Once I placed that last piece, I stepped back to admire the finished product and I was so happy.

It was honestly nice to kind of “unplug” for a change and do something that wasn’t scrolling on my phone or laying down and watching tv. I will definitely be putting my other puzzles together once I have more free time because I really enjoyed putting this one together. Maybe next time I can try to put the other ones together even faster than this one!

With all of these online classes, exams, assignments and other things, it can put a lot of stress not only on ourselves, but on our brains as well. Here is a link to an article about how puzzles are very good for us and could even help us in our classes.

“7 Surprising Ways Puzzles Are Good for Your Brain”

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What I Did Today: 1/20/21

Today was a pretty laid back day for me. First, I woke up and watched the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. This was really my first time watching an Inauguration almost all the way through. I got to see Biden get sworn in as President while also watching history being made as Kamala Harris was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States.

After watching that, I got online for class at 12:30. It was my Musical Theatre history class and it was mainly just a long lecture. Not really much discussion or anything going on in that class.

Between that class and my 6:00pm class, I really didn’t much. Once 6:00pm hit, I went to class and then once that was over, I went right into my residence life staff meeting. We talked about last weeks interaction numbers and also took time to discuss the Inauguration and if it was affecting anyone in any way.

For the rest of the night, I plan on being very lazy and maybe watching a musical or two. I like to end my days watching or listening to something upbeat and happy. It always allows me to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

“Life with Dolly” Slideshow Project

My slideshow project is all about my life with my dog Dolly. It mentions many things that Dolly does that can range from absolutely adorable (waiting by the window for me to get home) to slightly annoying (waking me up in the middle of the night so she can go outside to use the bathroom). All in all, it showcases how enjoyable it has been to have Dolly in my life.

Click here or press play in the player below to watch the slideshow.

Faces of BG Interview

I interviewed my sister Jessie who works up in Monroe Country as an investigator for Children’s Protective Services. She describes what she does and how her job has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. You can listen to the interview below:

Raw Audio Interview