Slideshow Project

Prom is an event that most high schoolers look forward to for a long time. However, due to COVID-19 high school proms are being cancelled all across the country. Ben Paluch is among the many students that will not be able to attend prom his senior year, but his family was not going to just forget about it.  Check out how his family brought prom to their home here.

Audio Story

In times amid a national pandemic health is extremely important. Amy Paluch, a parter with Juice Plus, talks about a product that she feels is important in our daily nutrition. She also discusses other ways to stay healthy. Jacob Paluch also speaks on the product and how he implements nutrition into his daily life.

Faces of BG Interview

I interviewed Ben Paluch, a senior at St. John Jesuit high school and one of the many senior students impacted by COVID-19. Due to this pandemic important events such as sports, senior project and even graduation are being effected. Paluch discusses how he’s feeling about these changes. The full interview can be accessed here.