About Me

My name is Brandon Loe and I am a sophomore currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Bowling Green State University. I started at BGSU in the fall after transferring from Ball State. Since enrollment I have become a member of the Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization (BGRSO). I am from Toledo, Ohio and I commute to campus every day. When I am not on campus it is almost a guarantee that I am somewhere around a sports venue. I work for BCSN, which is a local sports network in Toledo where I continue my work in broadcasting. I also coach four different sports which totals out to coaching year round. I love working with kids to try and help them master their skills which is why I coach swimming, track, baseball, and football. Since I graduated high school in June 2018, I almost immediately started coaching and fell in love with it, which is the reason that I declared it as my minor.

As far as continuing on with my experience in broadcasting, I am always seeking more opportunities to improve my own skills and am eager to take any job sent my way as well as avidly seeking more opportunity. In addition to my coaching at Bedford Public Schools and my work for BCSN, I am also in charge of labor for the family tent rental business which is normally between the months of April and October. When I do manage to find some free time amongst all the crazy work schedules I love to travel, most often times to Sarasota, Florida, where more of my extended family lives. I also love to go fishing no matter the season, and just being outside in general is very relaxing to me. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me in regards to my broadcasting, I am determined to make it the best scenario no matter where the road may lead.