New Poem Showcased!


I am excited to announce that my elegy poem, Here, rusted Before me is available to view online, in partnership with Bowling Green State University’s ArtsX event!! To see the vispo (visual) version, check out the link below:

ArtsX Elegy Poem

2018 Segment Trilogy (Flaws and All)

The following 3 videos were a little something I did back in High School! It follows a story about a boy, Kyle, who lost his memory for an unknown reason. As things start to reveal themselves, friendships are questioned while new ones are made…
While, yes; there were a few editing errors in the last two episodes when I first made them, I wanted to lead by example and point out that I was a beginner with editing at the time doing the best I could at such a short amount of time with very little help with it. Let this be a lesson to you: be proud of ALL your work; it shows how far you have come, your progress, and all the trials you went through to get it accomplished (it’s a story of its own: a story behind the story told). So, without further ado:




A New Ministry Rising Amid Crisis!

For some, this Covid-19 Crisis is a boring time as their lives are on hold; but for others, this is an opportunity to prepare for a new chapter. Clinical Counselor and Preacher, Lance Curtis, is one of those people, as he gets ready to start his own business with his wife. But when did this vision start? And why pursue it now, of all times? Watch the video below to find out:

Tree Falls on Deck!

Sometimes life can have problems overlap and occur one after another. During this COVID Crisis, my home had a storm pass over us, but not before it did some damage!

You can view the whole story through a slideshow here.

A New Pastor’s in Town!


Pastor McClure preaches to the congregation.

(The Audio above is a snippet of the two interviews featuring Pastor Matthew McClure and Pastor Bryan Wiles.)

Change is a part of life. For some, that change is when they leave everything they know behind to take a new path into the unknown. That’s the season Campus Director and Pastor, Matthew “Matt” McClure, is experiencing as the newest addition to the H2O Church staff in Bowling Green (BG).

McClure is a bearded, brown hair man with green eyes and a friendly heart. In summer of 2019, he was announced as a new staff member for H2O Church in BG.

McClure added on to the story and his thoughts about it as he reminisced about his time in Kent.

“It was one of the greatest gifts of my life, starting a church entirely from scratch. [We had] very deep friends. Living life alongside each other, becoming parents at about the same time with many of them. We grew up together. [Soon,] It started to feel less like a church plant and more like a well, solid church. We had a growing staff team and a large number of students involved. When that happens, I start thinking about what’s next because I’m less of a sustainer and more of a starter. Then, I started to have conversations with Wiles and the pastors [at BG] and started to see that there was a gap and a need in leadership here that lined up really well with some of the things that I’m most passionate about. I started to sense God leading us to [BG], so we started this long back-and-forth conversation, visits, and came to the point where I was like this is what I want to do, this is my desire to come back to Bowling Green and fill in the gaps that are [there],” he said.

H2O’s Women’s Leadership Catalyst and McClure’s wife, Tiffany McClure, revealed the conversation between her and her husband on their decision.
“When we were making the decision to move, his focus was first to the Lord, then to me [he said to me] ‘I feel like this is where God wants us, but I want you to be in on the conversations and it was more so really focusing on us as a family and as a couple. He felt very devoted to the Lord on the decision but also to us: helping us transition, helping us have a voice to talk and give our different ideas,” she said.

Tiffany also opened up about the struggles moving to BG.

“I would say [it was] leaving our family because my sister lives in Kent. [Although] my other sister and both my parents live in Napoleon, it was hard to leave her. We’ve lived [in Kent] for the last 10 to 11 years, so [there were] people who were friends but like family. [It was also hard to leave] things that feel normal, everyday-life stuff like grocery stores, neighborhoods, the ease of life. It was hard a first ‘cause everything was new,” she stated.

McClure went on describing the transition from Kent to BG and moving into a new house.

“[It was] exhausting, but also fun. It’s like a blank canvas, you can make it whatever you want. Leaving our [old] house. It felt like a hard transition because that’s where two of our four kids we brought home from the hospital to that house, so we made a lot of memories there. That was hard but then moving to our new house, there’s a lot of excitement for the memories you’re going to make. I’m not change-averse, I’m like, ‘bring on the change’ [because] we can start over. I told Tiffany I could move every three years. Change is what makes us rely on God,” he said.
On the positive side of things, McClure shared his favorite parts of his new role at BG’s H2O.

“My role is primarily to get familiar with the church because I’m getting to the point where it’s been five months, but I still feel like the new guy. At the end of the day, I love being with people; having conversations about the real issues of life, what’s giving us hope, what’s burdening us. A great day for me is a day that’s filled with lots of people and I come away from that day, full of energy,” he said.

McClure then opened up about what this journey taught him and his walk with Christ.

“I think that the biggest lesson I’ve learned that the moving has made me, [and] forced me, in all the right ways to be humble by God. I was one of the founding pastors of a church and was very much the main communicator on stage, the guy that most everybody knew [to] ‘I’m a new guy’ I don’t have that relational equity, I don’t have history with people. There can be a crisis of identity, as a leader, of ‘who am I without followers?’ but God has spared me from that by reminding me that it’s not about me; he will use me the most when I’m humbled and not the center of attention,” he stated.
Wiles then shared what stood out about McClure, the qualities and skills that he had that persuaded him to offer McClure the job.

“We are a church that’s really relational, so first and foremost we felt like him and his family were just a really good fit here relationally. We felt like the connection that we had would be really good because for us that’s the first thing we look at. We don’t want to just work together, we want to be friends and be on mission together. In terms of skill sets, he a really good communicator [he] really has a passion to share the Bible with young people. He’s really good at mentoring and raising up future leaders and that’s definitely something we want to continue to grow in and have opportunities for. He really has a heart for the campus as well. We’re really excited to have him focus on the campus-side of things,” he said.

Tiffany explained her method to comfort her family through this season of change.

“My main focus has been just being present with them. Kids, and adults, we all grieve differently when we lose something, or move away from somewhere. So being a listening ear, spending more time with the kids individually, letting them be mad, letting them be sad. I know that’s been helpful for me to just have spaces where I can just talk about how I’m feeling and just have someone to listen to me has been really helpful. So, I’m be[ing] that to my kids and my husband [as well],” she said.

While second-year Software Engineer major student and an intern for H2O, Luke Chenevy, shared his experience with his mentor, McClure.

“Just this semester, I’ve been able to get to know him a lot. He’s becoming a big mentor in my life for sure. He leads my “huddle,” which is on Thursdays at typically 6 a.m. A huddle is a small group of guys talking about a wide range of things: life, God. [It’s like] mini-communities. After huddle on Thursdays, typically we have an intern management meeting he also leads. Matthew helps a lot, guiding me, giving me wisdom in certain decisions in my life, or just things I’m struggling with. I love his boldness, especially [when it comes to] ministry, his intentionality with how he approaches things. He’s very intentional on how he grows, leads, and mentors us He’s an awesome man of God; very conversational. [Because of him, I’m] learning to think deeper about my walk with God,” he said.

Chenevy wasn’t the only one to share the things admired most about McClure, as Tiffany shared the thing she believes that makes him special to her.

“His exuberant joy [is something I love about him]. He’s that presence in our house [that] lights up the room. As soon as he walks in the door, from work, he’s like, ‘I’m home!’ and the kids run to him. [My husband’s] devoted. We really just feel like friends. We hop on the couch after a long day and just say, ‘how are you feeling today, what happened today. I feel at ease. He’s listening to me and hearing me out and visa-versa. It’s very important,” she said.

Wiles also highlighted some qualities of McClure.

“He’s a really good father and husband, and that’s something we look at. We want to have people in our church not just kind-of talk about good character but actually display it through the way that they live their lives and so I definitely respect that a lot about him on a personal level. He’s also just a fun guy to be around [and to work with]. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, he’s not afraid to make jokes about himself. [I] definitely [enjoy his] humor. He makes people feel at ease a lot; you never feel like he’s rushing through time with you, but he actually is enjoying the moment. So, he’s a fun guy to work with and have on our team; it’s a fun balance for me,” Wiles revealed.

He also addressed one of McClure’s weaknesses.

“I sometimes give him a hard time about being kind-of slow-paced,” Wiles said.

While Tiffany added on to the list of struggles for her husband.

“Organization skills [is one of his weaknesses]. He loves bigger picture of things like a doer, but to sit down in a meeting for three hours, and [other] administrative things it’s not life-giving [for him],” Tiffany said.
Later, McClure opened up about where he spent his childhood and a fun fact.

“I was raised in a relatively poorer family. I grew up in a small family farm. I also love having young children because I can justify buying large Lego sets and building them with [my kids], for [my kids], but really they’re for me,” he admitted.

As the McClure family have experienced, sometimes life can take a surprising turn, as destiny leads some to a path that requires them to leave their comfort zone and say goodbye to those they love knowing some things won’t be the same. But some things never change. While his wife concluded, “this journey has drawn us closer together,” McClure claims it’s his family that helps carry and share the load that change brings. He gave advice for those who also are currently struggling with change.
He stated, “It’s easy to focus the difficulty, the pain of leaving something, but believe that God is trying to show us something new.”

The Official Story

About the Staff of H2O Church BGSU

Interview featuring Bob Kline


Whether you’re a listener to podcasts or a reader of newspapers, learn more about one of the advisors for Bowling Green State University (BGSU) through an audio recording and through the official article pictured above. This Personality Story about Bob Kline tells the story of an advisor from BGSU and how his decision to come to Bowling Green (BG) has impacted both students and co-workers alike.

The audio recording provides a teaser of his story. In the recorded interview, Kline talks about where and when his profession began and how changing his career and job took him to BG.

Then, the full article continues the story and how he loves to change lives, hoping that his journey can be an inspiration to others. (Below is the original full audio interview!)