Top 10 Places People Would Like to Visit Once COVID Vaccine News was Released

When the coronavirus plagued the world, people’s lives were put on hold. One of the activities widely affected was traveling, be it for work, or for vacation. Yet as time moved on, so did the advancement of not only people’s resiliency but of vaccines as well.

In an Insider article, “Travel search engine Skyscanner told Insider that [back in] November 9, 2020, when news of Pfizer’s promising vaccine broke, searches for economy class round-trips from the US increased by 39% compared to the previous day. Bookings jumped 25%.” Predictions say vaccines will not be available to everyone until May 2021. So far, the vaccines have reached the age as young as 16. The article continued with “[Back in] November 16, 2020, when news of the promising Moderna vaccine hit, searches for economy class round-trips from the US rose by 63% compared to the previous day. Bookings spiked 17%.” The more promising the vaccines were, the farther people thought to go for future vacation post-Corona Crisis.

The article also contained a couple of people’s thoughts and reactions to the surge of bookings and economy class round-trip searchings. A TripAdvisor spokesperson previously said in a statement to Insider, “People’s desire to travel is resilient…What we’ve seen through SARS, Ebola, terrorist attacks, and numerous natural disasters is that the travel industry has always rebounded.” While Ross Dawson, author and futurist, told Insider in April “Humans need to travel. That is a fundamental aspect of what it is to be human.”

The pyramid graph shown below reveals the top 10 destinations searched back in Nov. 9, 2020, when news of the Pfizer vaccine’s 90% efficacy rate broke. The pyramid also shows the top 10 most searched destinations back in Nov. 16, 2020, when news of the Moderna vaccine’s 94.5% efficacy rate broke.

Although we are technically still in the COVID Season, and haven’t completely irradiated the virus yet, it’s hopeful to know we are in the home stretch to returning to some normal. Once that happens, it won’t be long before travel will soon resume.


My Red-Carpet Review: “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” is a Beautiful Closing Salutation to the Franchise.

It has been quite the journey! To All the Boys, a film franchise on Netflix based on the book trilogy by Jenny Han has entertained millions as it has achieved Top 10 on Netflix multiple times.

The first installment, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), introduced relatable characters dealing with relatable situations with Lara Jean (played by Lana Condor) being the main character who takes love more seriously than those around her. Then the sequel, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020) thickens the overall plot of the franchise as another love triangle (yes, there was one in the first film as well) forms. The sequel focuses on Lara choosing between her true love, Peter Kavinsky (played by Noah Centineo), and a crush John Ambrose (played by Jordan Fisher); but don’t let the plot’s simplicity fool you, for the film is filled with more fun and more laughs.

Now, after three surreal years, the franchise concluded with its third installment, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, which was released on Netflix February 12 of this year. During the weekend of Valentine’s Day, the weekend of love, To All the Boys 3 surely did not disappoint its audience. The third movie started with Lara and her family spending a week in Korea for Spring Break. After returning home, Lara is confronted with the realities of college acceptance letters and more importantly: letters of rejection. After a school trip to New York, her former widowed father’s wedding, and the High School Prom, Lara must make tough decisions for her college future; including whether or not she is willing to make a long-distance relationship with Peter work.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever did not disappoint. For those who were fans since the beginning, this was a rich treat that expanded from just the ‘warm, fuzzy feelings’ as it explored the deeper elements through introducing Peter’s family drama. Nevertheless, you can always count on the humor we’ve all come to love from this franchise (whether it be Laura’s younger sister, Kitty (played by Anna Cathcart), or elsewhere). The movie pulled the audience’s heartstrings throughout the film, as it should be pointed out that this film was a lot more emotional than the previous two films. While those who are newer to the world of To All the Boys can easily get caught up if they missed watching the previous two before watching the third. Lastly, the soundtrack: oftentimes, the music is often shadowed by the dialogue, or whatever else is going on during a particular scene; but this film had the song, Beginning Middle End by Leah Nobel, incorporated into the film’s world to stand out and resonate with you ‘forever’ after watching the film. Overall, I would give this film a 96 out of 100, forever and always will be a fan of this movie trilogy.

All three films are now available on Netflix, and the soundtrack for the last two films can be streamed on Spotify, or bought on iTunes and Google Play.

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How to Have a Creative Process (An Editorial)

Creativity is everywhere we look! It’s a beautiful gift to express innermost feelings and provide voices to the voiceless. Some, like me, take the art of creating more seriously than others. However, oftentimes people struggle when they get writer’s block, painter’s block, stage fright, lose the momentum of their productivity, or simply don’t know where to start. That’s when it is imperative to have a creative process to find inspiration and boost productivity. Many people tend to pressure others to follow their creative process to a ‘T’, but everyone is different, so the creative process will be different as well. Here are some tips on how to find the personal creative process:

1.) Find Things that are Enjoyable to You
People don’t like to waste time on things they don’t enjoy. Their heart isn’t in it, so their productivity will be lacking. Think, “what are hobbies I like to do during my free time?” And do them, for in doing so, you can reap the benefits if also doing #2.

2.) Combine Activities/Hobbies Together!
The key is to like a wide range of things so that there is a better probability of inspiration and less likely to run out of ideas.
For example, I love walking, listening to music, writing, and taking photos. One of the reasons why I like to walk so much is because of the sights I’ll see on the journey. Listening to music helps to create the mood to express how I’m feeling emotionally. Walking also gives the mind a refresher and a bit of nostalgia. I once walked for four hours and fifty-two minutes to a Kohl’s and back. On the way, I reflected, and became emotional at the thoughts, while playing my favorite songs. There was a beautiful blue sky, filled with stratus clouds and I was out in the country, so I could see miles ahead. I decided to take a selfie (shown below) as a souvenir of that surreal experience. Later, that photo continued to stick out to me, so I decided to play with effects that I could bring onto the photo to capture different colors, and emotions the photo provided (also shown below). I decided to use Prisma. Prisma is an app that was initially released back in 2016, and it gives different special filters/effects to your photos to “spice” them up a bit, so to speak, to make them look like paintings. I also ended up writing a poem based on that experience that I plan to attempt to publish. So when combining activities, there may be a full package of works as a result.

3.) Practice your Craft EVERYDAY!
This is said too often, but it’s true. When you continuously write, paint or draw, sing, dance, etc.; it trains the mind to be consistent and improves your skills. It will also decrease the number of blocks that prohibit productivity. So, be consistent.

Again, many people tend to pressure others to follow their creative process to a ‘T,’ but everyone is different, therefore the creative processes will be different as well. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Happy Hunting!

Prisma App is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

An Update

I would like to thank Jim Foust, as the new co-administrator for this website. I just added him as a site administrator.

New Poem Showcased!


I am excited to announce that my elegy poem, Here, rusted Before meĀ is available to view online, in partnership with Bowling Green State University’s ArtsX event!! To see the vispo (visual) version, check out the link below:

ArtsX Elegy Poem

2018 Segment Trilogy (Flaws and All)

The following 3 videos were a little something I did back in High School! It follows a story about a boy, Kyle, who lost his memory for an unknown reason. As things start to reveal themselves, friendships are questioned while new ones are made…
While, yes; there were a few editing errors in the last two episodes when I first made them, I wanted to lead by example and point out that I was a beginner with editing at the time doing the best I could at such a short amount of time with very little help with it. Let this be a lesson to you: be proud of ALL your work; it shows how far you have come, your progress, and all the trials you went through to get it accomplished (it’s a story of its own: a story behind the story told). So, without further ado:




A New Ministry Rising Amid Crisis!

For some, this Covid-19 Crisis is a boring time as their lives are on hold; but for others, this is an opportunity to prepare for a new chapter. Clinical Counselor and Preacher, Lance Curtis, is one of those people, as he gets ready to start his own business with his wife. But when did this vision start? And why pursue it now, of all times? Watch the video below to find out: