About Me

My name is Michael Harmon and my academic interests are to continue working as a teaching assistant in mass communications while developing my research in digital media audience studies. I was a graduate assistant in Sam Houston’s newly developed sports broadcasting program for my first two years as a graduate student, and I learned a great deal about broadcast production schedules and planning. I taught two undergraduate courses in Introduction to writing for media, which emphasize teaching different writing styles to students and teaching them how to prepare for a curriculum based in broadcast, journalism and public relations. After earning a Master’s degree in Digital Media Studies, I became a public speaking instructor while working on my PhD in Media and Communication studies at Bowling Green State University. Becoming an instructor of record has changed my organizational habits and has further made me realize that I would like to pursue a career in education and research because I would like to help other individuals to learn about media technology in mass communication.

I want to continue learning how new media technologies that have been developed over the past decade can affect society and what changes they can bring about in the world. I am also quite interested in focusing on social media studies as I have taken various courses and have taken part in a research project involving social media. One of my primary reasons for choosing this program is that I want to continue to learn and expand upon mass communication theories in audience research. I have always been fascinated by the way people react to the latest in digital media communications and I believe that certain communication theories can serve to further explain the effects that these technologies have on our society. I believe that my current experiences in research, teaching, and computer literacy will make me a proper candidate for future career opportunities within communication departments.

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