How Covid-19 Affects Falcon’s Pointe Amenities

For my Juxtapose Project, I decided to covey how COVID-19 has an impact on the amenities at Falcon’s Pointe. When I first came to the complex, the gym and hot tub were open 24/7, and the pool was supposed to be open until it wintertime. However, with COVID-19 Falcon’s Pointe decided to change all of its guidelines. The gym and hot tub are now open only during office hours, and the pool had been closed indefinitely for the season, whether it was warm or cold.

I was looking forward to swimming and was so distraught to see it closed. I thought that this picture was a great way of showing how COVID-19 has a large impact no matter the weather. You usually see pools closed in the winter, not when the weather is still warm.

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What did I do Today?

Hello! Today I didn’t do too much, I recently just got a Nintendo Switch, and I’ve been relaxing and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! I really love the game and it’s a lot of fun to play. After that, I started doing homework and that’s probably what I’ll be doing for the rest of the night. Hopefully, I get it all done today so I won’t have anything to do on Sunday.

The Adventures of BG on TV

BG on TV is a group on campus that creates, shoots and edits their own content. Click on the slideshow to see the process of BG on TV’s weekly meetings.


Audio Story

Chase Bachman
Matt Rasmussen

The Audio Story project I conducted was about how living in Kreischer and the dorms affect students at BGSU overall. The interviewees were Matt Rasmussen, a sophomore studying Film Production and Chase Bachman, a sophomore studying Broadcast Journalism. They talked about how the dorms changed their outlook on BG, and how it had defined their college experiences.

Faces of BG Story

The person I interviewed for my Faces of BG story is Alec Medlin, a sophomore at BG. Medlin had talked about how his religion and political views affect how he fits into community at Bowling Green.

Here is his original interview in two parts due to length, below is the edited version.