Earning More Than a Degree

Most students come to college expecting to receive an education worth more than their wildest dreams. Fresh out of high school, incoming freshman know that they will meet new people, be far from their family, but most importantly learn more to advance their future. What people don’t know is the growth that they will find in themselves and how much they will change emotionally and physically. When I came to BGSU, I was not sure what I was going to experience…but now as a senior I am proud of who I’ve become.

Here’s four things I learned in my four years at Bowling Green State University :

  • Be true to yourself- No matter what life throws at you and the people who come into your life, you should always remember the values that you hold close to your heart. If you lose who you are, and the truth of who you are as a person, then you are not being genuine to who you will become.
  • Take up every opportunity you can- No matter how scary the tasks ahead may be, you can get through it. Those memories through that opportunity will build your intra/interpersonal skills to better your future. Those crazy, busy times will make you someone others can rely on…and build your confidence in yourself.
  • Work hard- Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Something/someone will also try to take you down, but you can always work harder to be better. Try to do little things to make yourself be great for the people you love and most importantly…yourself!
  • It goes by way too quickly- One day you’re a freshman, lost on campus…and then you’re applying for graduation. In a blink of an eye your college experience will be over and you will be in the real world. Cherish every bit of the memories you will make, the people you will come into contact with, and the important lessons you will learn (in and out of the classroom). Take it all in while you can because it goes by too quickly.

Let college shape you into someone you’ll be proud of in the future…but don’t forget to have a good time!

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A Look Into 325 N. Main Street!

In this video, Jessica Mortiz talks about the history of 325 N. Main Street including the history of the kitchen, who lived there, and a look around the house itself! Catch a small glimpse at the basement where it is sworn to be a haunted piano! The house, one of large Wood County history, is located right off Main Street! View the video below!

Traditions of Tomorrow: Voiceover

Bowling Green State University is working hard to make campus as approachable as possible. The university is doing this by renovating the interiors of different buildings on campus. In 2016, South Hall became Kuhlin Center and last year construction concluded on Mosely Hall and University Hall. This year, Hanna Hall is being converted to The Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center for business! Check out the construction efforts below!

Erna Gorman: Slideshow

On April 15th, I was lucky enough to listen to Erna Gorman speak. She discussed her time during the Holocaust while a child in Europe. Erna also touched on the importance of loving one another for who they are and not their ethnicity, class, or sexuality. Erna really was a marvelous woman and I am lucky to have been able to listen to her speak! Check out my slideshow of the event!

Dual Interview With Jessica and Chloe

Does your two other roommates bug the heck out of you? Imagine living with 7 other girls! Want to know how difficult is it to live with 8 other girls in college, listen to my story with Jessica Mortiz and Chloe Arch, both students at BGSU, discuss the hardships of living with so many girls. They discuss everything from laundry to dishes! Click the link below to hear their story!