What 10 years does

This year, since it was the changing of a decade, people have jumped on the decade challenge bandwagon. How much have you changed in 10 years? For those of us who are middle aged, probably not much. Maybe even those who are a bit past middle aged–still not a big change. Where I have seen the changes are in my kids and my nieces and nephews.

My oldest is turning 24 this year. He has gone from being a gangly, awkward freshman in high school, to being a grown man, ready to graduate college and embark on the life he has chosen. The changes in his life and appearance are more than just a few pounds or a better complexion.

The youngest of the group, my niece, Hailey, though, has made the biggest changes. In 2009, she was an adorable toddler–looking up at me with curious eyes, wondering why my “camera no work” because the flash didn’t go off. If I watch the changes as they happen, they seem so gradual. I don’t notice. But put together all at once, she transforms from that curious toddler to a beautiful preteen young woman getting ready to face the world, watching everything around her with those same curious blue eyes.


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Volunteer Firefighter Battles Work-Life Balance

Justin Spencer is a four year veteran of the Rising Sun Volunteer Fire Department. He and his wife Kim discuss how important volunteering is and how it affects the people around them. They discuss the delicate balance it takes to manage the volunteer firefighter lifestyle.

Kim and Justin Spencer with their daughters Hailey and Jocelyn

Faces of BG Audio Story

Penny Rae Hawkins explains how she got to BGSU and where she is going from here.

Lindsey Haynes also known as Penny Rae Hawkins

“My name is Lindsey Haynes, but I prefer to go by Penny Rae Hawkins. It’s the name I use at the station,” Hawkins explained.

DJ Penny Rae Hawkins was not a fully formed concept four years ago.  When Hawkins graduated from high school, all she wanted was out. She did not imagine she would go to college or work as a DJ then, but life took some turns that got her to BGSU.

How I got to where I am today and where I want to go from here…..Penny Rae Hawkins.

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My resume

A glimpse of me…Coffee Addict.

So what’s in a resume?

Basically a resume is just a snippet that gives you a brief view of where I’ve been and what I’ve done over the past few years. Sometimes what I’ve learned, maybe who thinks I’m cool. Overall, it’s a little picture of my work and school history that gives you a peek into who I have been and who I want to be.

For that reason, I’ve attached a copy of my resume for your convenience.