BGSU Falcon Hockey Team

By the time this is posted, the BGSU Hockey team will have finished their regular-season games. And since BGSU’s hockey team is one of the main sports on the campus, I chose to highlight the players, the head coach and their social media accounts for this project. Each player has information about their hometowns, a major statistic, and their field of study. As for the coach, I gave information about his coaching experience. Their social media accounts are below the picture for more information about the team and their accomplishments.

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BG Falcon Hockey’s Instagram is public and open for free use.

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Simpson Garden Park Two Years Later

Two years ago in September 2018, my family and I went to Simpson Garden Park on Conneaut Avenue in Bowling Green, Ohio. My brother and I had an impromptu photoshoot in the garden and along the trail. In Septemeber, the flowers were in full bloom and thriving. Everything was very colorful and there were insects and bugs all over. The waterfall was also in working condition as well.

When we went back just a couple of days ago, the area was desolate: the plants were dead, everything was quiet and still and the waterfall was closed for the season. It was quite the change from the lively season just a little over a year ago. So, I decided to showcase the changes different seasons have on this little area.

For more information, please visit my twitter account: @cstoverjour3550.

Video Story

This video story features a nature preserve and a sensory garden with footage all taken here in Bowling Green. Both attractions are just down the street in Bowling Green but are far enough from downtown to enjoy the peace and serenity of the sounds in nature. The interview in this video is from a BGSU student and avid nature fan.

Audio Story Project

For this audio story, I interviewed my brother, Scott, and my sister, Jenna, about their middle school experiences. My brother is a sophomore at Bowling Green State University and my sister is currently in 7th grade. My brother talked about what he remembered from his experiences, and my sister talked about what clubs and organizations she’s involved with and the different scheduling system the middle school does now. It was cool to compare the experiences of two different genders and two people in different stages of their lives.

FacesofBG Interview Story

The person I chose to interview was Neeraja Nagarajan from the MFA Creative Writing – Fiction Department. She is a resident of Chennai, India, who moved to the United States in 2012. I met her through the graduate class I attend for my internship. She is a fun, bubbly, and extroverted person I am glad to call my friend. She has had many different experiences than me, and she was a very interesting person to interview. Here is the unedited interview.