BGSU’s Master Plan continues to reshape the south side of campus

As Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU)”master plan” continues, old photos remind us just how much that plan has reshaped the south side of campus, while at the same time keeping its rich history alive. Hanna Hall is the most recent work in progress as it is  currently being remodeled into the Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center for the Fall of 2020.

The building will be the new home for the BGSU college of business, but it wasn’t always that way. Originally built in 1921, the building was used as a training ground for future elementary school teachers and was called Elementary School. In 1959, the building underwent major renovations on the inside, and mainly was used for the English department. While on the inside it looked completely different, the outside remained largely the same.

Not only will the university be renovating Hanna Hall, they will also be adding a 50,000 square foot addition to the building. Obviously with the opening of the property less than a year away, the construction has come along nicely, with the end goal being a glass building, much like its neighbor the Kuhlin Center.

The Kuhlin Center was finished in 2016, and was formerly known as South Hall. South Hall wasn’t built until 1959, and before it’s construction, a road actually ran through the center of campus, through where the Kuhlin Center is currently located.

As seen in the slider above, the south side of campus looked much different nearly 100 years ago, yet Hanna Hall (then known as the Elementary School) and University Hall look relatively the same. University Hall, which is the first building in BGSU’s history, earned a LEED Gold Award for its renovation in 2017.

The master plan has changed the south side of campus quite a bit, especially on the inside, but what is awe-striking is how similar the campus looks, nearly 100 years later.

As the technologies of the world move forward, so too does BGSU, but not without taking their history along for the ride.

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