Hello. My name is Jackson Morris, and welcome to my WordPress site! I am currently a senior at BGSU. I am pursuing a degree in Multiplatform Journalism. I came to BGSU to continue the legacy that my mother left behind. Little did I know upon going in, that I would be working towards the same degree as her.

I am a very laid back person, but I am very kind, caring, and driven towards my goals. I may not be the brightest person in the world, but I’m definitely one of the hardest workers once my mind is set. My hobbies include writing in my spare time and playing video games.

I hope to make a career for myself in either writing or editing once I graduate.  I’m a very proficient writer, and I am fairly above average at most video games I play. My dream job would be to be a video game journalist. Put my writing and video game skills together and you’ve got the perfect field for me. Being the editor or writer for a video game journalism site would be the most ideal! I’m still a rookie though, so more experience is on the way for me.

My other passion is video editing. I am skilled at Adobe Premiere. When I was in my visual editing class in college, I was the go-to individual whenever another student had a question about the program. Should journalism fall through, my minor in Visual Communication Technology would help me get a career in this field. I also understand the fundamentals of print production, which goes hand and hand with journalism. It fits perfectly, like a glove, almost.

Thanks for visiting my wordpress site!