Juxtapose Project

In August 2014, I moved into Harshman Bromfield Hall, arguably the crappiest dorm on campus. That’s what you get when you do your housing application so late. However, Harshman was a special place. The people I met, the friends I met, and the experience I had living there have not been replicated throughout the rest of my college career.

Harshman also had at the time the honor of being the oldest standing dorm on campus. Built in 1964, Harshman Quadrangle stood for an impressive 54 years before being demolished in 2018. The first image was taken in November 2016 (credit to bgfalconmedia) when the demolition plans for the building were first finalized. To most people, this is just a dorm being torn down and turned into an empty field. To me, this field serves as a reminder of what once was, and how drastically times have changed here at BGSU since I first came here. “>

Video Voiceover: BG Construction’s Master Plan

Bowling Green State University‚Äôs campus green is changing once again. Hanna Hall is being converted into a new building for the College of Business. The construction began earlier this year, and cost more than $200 million. This is all a part of BGSU’s Traditions to Tomorrow master plan. Click the link below to find out more.


Audio Story: Video Games

Since the advent of video games in the early 1970’s, they have infiltrated our culture and have become one of the most popular entertainment mediums. When it comes to that medium, everybody has their own story to tell. Two BGSU students, Jennie Barcikowski and Austin Turner, sat down with me to share their own personal experience with games growing up.

Faces of BG Interview

This is Brandon Alt. He is the current president of the BGSU Red Cross Club. I sat down with him for an interview on Sunday, March 25, 2019. He had a lot to share with me regarding the details of the club, how he came to become president of the club, and what inspired him to become a member. He also shared with me what kind of impact the club has on the larger BGSU community. Click the audio file below to listen.


Here is a link to the raw interview.