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My name is Ethan Watts. I was born in Columbus Ohio and have lived there my entire life. I am currently a junior at Bowling Green State University, studying broadcast journalism and serving in the Ohio Army National Guard.

I have always taken a large interested in the news, media, and films. Through my courses at BGSU I now have over a year of experience with editing videos and reporting.

In my experiences I have gained a lot of knowledge in certain aspects and using certain applications, mostly working with Adobe Premiere and Microsoft Office . I have edited over eleven videos, written numerous stories, and continue to spent my time at the school practicing, learning, and reading about how to write different types of stories, how to conduct interviews, and how to edit footage.

My goal is to hopefully graduate from college with my bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Military Science. When I graduate I will become a commissioned officer for the United States Army, with the rank of second lieutenant. My plans after college are to try and become a news anchor for any station, specializing in either sports or politics. I know my skills in journalism and knowledge I have gained from the courses I have taken can help me acquire more opportunities and experience to one day achieve my goals.

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