Video Story — Being in a Fraternity

This video features a member of the Alpha Tau Omega at BGSU. He talks about his experiences so far in the fraternity, and how it’s helped him. Some of the footage shown other than the interview is members ringing the fraternity bell, the fraternity intramural volleyball team, a fundraiser where people paid to throw eggs at us (proceeds were donated to charity and the fraternity budget) , etc.

Being in the Military During a Global Pandemic

My audio story goes over what it was like to be at basic training in the military during the spike of the Covid-19 virus. BGSU student Anthony Roscoe talks about his experience from transitioning between training for the army national guard, to coming home and arriving to a pandemic. Jacob Strunks, another BGSU student talks about his former experiences with the military and how he would envisions what it would be like to be in the military now.


On Wednesday, September 23rd, I interviewed Bowling Green State University’s undergraduate student body president, Harrison Carter, and how the covid-19 pandemic has impacted his position at BGSU.

Raw Interview: