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My name is Justin Scicchitano. I grew up in Succasunna, New Jersey and graduated from Roxbury High School in 2019. While attending Roxbury high School, I filmed and broadcasted sporting events for my high school. In my sophomore year, I traveled with my high schools hockey team and covered every game for them for the next two seasons. In my senior year, I joined a local broadcasting internship called Morris Sussex Sports. With the company, I traveled across North Jersey and broadcasted for numerous high schools and broadcasted all different sports.

Even before I joined the broadcasting company and before I started broadcasting for my high school, I knew I wanted to become a sports broadcaster when I was older. I always had a love for sports and wanted to get a job in the sports field. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it as a professional athlete, but since I still wanted to get a job in the sports realm, I thought broadcasting and sports media would be a great way to get involved in sports.


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