Should Drum Corps be Considered as a Sport?

In America Drum Corps are not as well recognized as sports like football or baseball.  But recently, Drum Corps have become more and more acknowledged by the general public.  This raises a question though, is marching with a drum corp. and drumming in general considered more on the same scope as sports like football and baseball.

For some people, marching bands are in a different reign compared to these sports.  People could look at a quarterback as a person with high athleticism.  But see a drummer as not as athletic comparatively.  Of course, marching bands are the closest art form currently to that of sports, but when people talk about athleticism, they look more towards elevated heart rates, or the power put in by players on the field.

To help compare the data, we used a baseline of 400-meter sprinters.  This is because when you look at the peaks in the heart rates they match within the regions for the sprinters.  And since this study is looking purely at the peaking points of the heart rates.  This helps connect the athleticism between the different sports and drumming.

So, to compare the two, Dr. Jeff Edwards from the University of Indiana hooked up a Tenor player to a heart monitor and had him run through the Corps show.  What he found was that the heart stayed elevated from the first moment that the player put the drums on his body.  The heart also stayed at the elevated number of 200bpm for the entirety of the 12-minute show.  The heart rate sustained exceeded the average peak of a 400-meter sprinter.

To understand more of what the body goes through Dr. Nadia Azar, hooked up rock drummer Christian Tanna of I Mother Earth, to a heart rate monitor for the entirety of the hour-long concert.  What she was that Tanna’s heart rate fell within the average heart of 400-meter sprinters. The highest peak landing at 189bpm during the show.

This raises another question to think about though, does this mean that drumming in general can be considered a sport.  Well, the fact of the matter is that drumming general will be seen more as an art rather than a sport.  But if more people start recognizing organizations like DCI, marching band and drum Corps in general can start moving in the direction to make that happen.


Bowling Green State University Women’s Basketball Team Number One in MAC

After being projected to finish eleventh out of twelve teams in the MAC.  The Falcon women’s basketball team surpassed the Kent State Golden Flashes and are now seated number one in the MAC, and clinched the Regular-Season Championship.  To do this, the falcons have brought a new shift in playstyle to the MAC.

By using a deep bench of players and training every player to be able to shoot from anywhere on the court.  By making these changes to the falcon lineup from last year, as well as adding a stellar freshmen lineup.  The falcons have birthed a Quarterfinal spot, in the MAC Championship in Cleveland.   To see some highlights from throughout the season, click on the links below.

  Photo credit: Larry Clapper

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Renovations at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union at Bowling Green State University.

In October of 2019 Bowling Green State University announced renovations for the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, to start after students left for the summer of 2020.

According to a Bg News article by Eric Cox, these renovations would take place throughout the first floor of the student union.  And they were planned to be done with the renovations by the fall semester of 2020.  With the coronavirus pandemic slowing down the work they have been able to do in the union.

The renovation was planned to move Starbucks to the place of the Black Swamp pub which would double the size of the Starbucks.  Move the computer lab into the old spot of the Starbucks and are introducing a new pub, called Pub 1910, which will be in the spot of the computer lab.

The only part of the renovation that was able to be finished in time was the Starbucks. This is because the university was bound by a contract that stated, that the Starbucks needed to be open by the start of the fall semester.

Work was then started on the computer lab in the 2020 fall semester.  It was then delayed because of the Marcos Pizza being removed from all dining services on campus.  Work was finished on the computer lab at the start of the 2021 spring semester.  Giving students a new area to work inside the student union.

Work is now being started on the new pub, Pub 1910 which will be in the spot of the old computer lab, giving the pub a little more room than the old spot of the Black Swamp Pub.  The pub does not have a set date yet for when it will open.

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Sports Radio Broadcasting within the bounds of Covid-19

Although collegiate play is not happening right now within the Mid-American Conference. The Bowling Green State Radio Sports Organization is finding new ways to broadcast sports.  I interviewed executive producer Brandon Loe and play-by-play broadcaster Jacob Sidle, on the new precautions being taken to be able to broadcast on the radio.


Faces of BG: Bowling Green Drumline Section Leader Nathaniel Sturgin

In times of covid-19, a lot of programs have been modified, this includes the Marching Band.  Nathaniel Sturgin, Snare Drum Section Leader for Bowling Green State University, describes the changes that the Marching Band and more specifically the Drum line have had to make this season.

You can listen to the original interview here.