How much do home runs matter in baseball?

The 2021 MLB season is underway, and unlike 2020, this season features a full 162-game schedule for every team in the league. Just like every year, however, the season has begun with plenty of speculation about the altered game ball.

The league announced before the start of the season that they were tightening the seams of the balls for 2021, which will likely have the effect of making the ball less bouncy off the bat. Many have speculated that this change in the ball will lead to a significant decrease in home runs across the league, and thus a decrease in total offense.

But how much do home runs matter? Will less homers make or break your team? Below are charts with a visualization of home runs vs. winning percentages for every MLB team last season.

As you can see, there is a significant correlation between the home runs hit by a team and their wins. This makes sense, as homers are automatic runs for your team, but it is also interesting that some teams still manage without.

For example, the 2020 Rays were in the middle of the pack in home runs hit last season, yet they had the second best record in baseball next to the Dodgers.

MLB’s new baseball is sure to make an impression on how teams approach the game, and potentially could lead to less of a correlation between home runs and winning in the future.

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A brief history of H2O Church and its church plants

H2O Church has been a Christian student organization serving the campus of Bowling Green State University since 1984. Below is a brief history of some major events for the church and the network of college churches that spawned from it.

Juxtapose Project

The men living at the lovingly misnamed “Dad House” had a long week. People regularly visit the apartment, but the men who live there have had a hard time keeping up with keeping it clean. At the end of the week, the cleaning finally commenced. These are the results:

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What did Clark do today?

Today was a fairly peaceful day. I went to a coffee shop and read my Bible this morning, then went to the Union and had lunch with friends. After that, I attended a class. Following the class, I met up with a friend to discuss what is happening in both of our lives. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my day so far. It has been filled with Christ, with friendship, and with a large dose of laughter. It has been great to have such a relaxing day.

Slideshow Project

Bowling Green State University has put several protocols in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. Students are required to wear masks, social distance, and more.

The following slideshow presents some of the ways the university is fighting the spread:

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Audio Story Project

The group touring Ohio University pose for a group photo

This weekend, a group of undergraduate and recently graduate students involved with H2O Church went down to Ohio University in Athens Ohio to look at the location where H2O Bowling Green plans to plant another college ministry.

In this story, I speak to two students who are currently interested in helping plant the church in Athens, Andy Larson and Laneisha Pickens.

Faces of BG Project: Madeleine Williams

For my Faces of BG Project, I chose to interview Madeleine Williams. She is a sophomore student at BGSU. She works at the library, is involved with AIMS, and is a lifegroup leader for H2O Church in the Mac/Offenhauer/Falcon Heights lifegroup. In this interview, I talk about her leadership roles as well as the impact of COVID on what she does.