About Me

My name is Hayden Kincaid, and I’m a junior broadcast journalism student at Bowling Green State University. After graduation I plan to move into the world of sports radio. Ideally, I would like to start my own radio show or podcast. Currently I am working on a Fantasy Football podcast with a colleague which I hope will allow me to hone my skills and develop as a journalist as I continue my undergraduate career.

I am always looking for new opportunities to branch out in the field of broadcast journalism which is what initially drew me to begin working with the Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization, also know as BGRSO. This year I was appointed the position of Promotions Director of BGRSO. It is my job to help promote BGRSO throughout the surrounding communities. This year in particular I am working to help BGRSO broadcast local high school sports since college sports are not happening this year. Similarly, I am working to create a bridge between BGRSO and the Esports organization for BGSU. When successfully bridged, BGRSO will be able to broadcast for Esports matches as well as traditional sports.

As a broadcast journalist I have also had the opportunity to publish several articles for the BG News. For example, in the spring I published an article about the ways in which the BG Counseling Center was caring for students amidst the shutdown. I also published a piece about the effect of the Starship robots on campus.

I am excited to be able to continue working and improving my craft as a journalist.