Life as a Pre-Law Student

Olivia Parcher is a Second-Year Junior at BGSU studying to be a lawyer. Her work ethic and longing for success are apparent in every aspect of her life. In this video, she touches on what she is doing to be successful and what BGSU does to help students get on track for law school.

Click here to see the story!

Transitions to Tomorrow

BGSU is transforming its campus once again as an effort to continue the “Traditions to Tomorrow” Project. The new building for the business building will be finished Fall 2020. This project is a video sequence that includes shots taken throughout campus during the construction made with Adobe Premiere. (***Note I did not take these videos or write the script***)

Shopping options around BGSU

Students use shopping for many different reasons. Whether it is a fun activity, a way to get something critical, or even a coping mechanism, there are many places around BGSU that will offer students exactly what they need. This project shows different places to shop around Bowling Green, Ohio. Click here to watch the slideshow 

Audio Story Project

Dealing with food allergies is something that college kids struggle with across the world, especially in college. BGSU has a variety of accommodations for students. Grace Gummer and Reilly Grist have experienced this at BGSU firsthand and are happy to share their story.


The natural sounds I used were the music inside of Starbucks on campus and the crunching of a potato chip wrapper, which Grace says is her favorite thing to buy at the student union. Grace and I did our interview inside of Starbucks to get even more background noise throughout the story.

Faces of BG: Spencer Walsh

Spencer Walsh is a senior Media Production and Economics Double Major at BGSU. He is heavily involved in various organizations on campus and is a huge advocate for anything BGSU related. He has made campus his own by diving into many productive student organizations. He spends most of his time recognizing and helping others, so here is a quick glimpse into the life of Spencer Walsh.

The unedited interview can be found here


First Post: Attendance 9/08/2020

Hi! My name is Alison Kaiser and I am a sophomore Public Relations major. I am excited to dive deeper into WordPress and hopefully build some new website building skills. As for now, I am slightly confused but I have high hopes that I will get the hang of this by the end of the semester.

I tried to build my own website over the summer, yet didn’t have the time to keep up with it because I worked two jobs. I am hoping that this class can inspire me to go back to the website I was working on.

I included my favorite quote from The Office to indicate my frustration with WordPress right now, but I know it really won’t be bad at all once I understand!