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About Me

Hi! My name is Alison Kaiser. I am a sophomore at BGSU studying Advertising with a double minor in Journalism and Recreation. I am a motivated and goal-oriented individual with high hopes for the future.

I am on the Deans List at my university with a 4.0 GPA. With my degree, I am focused on Advertising Management. With my double minor, I am focused on Public Relations and Event Planning.

I am currently involved in many things on campus such as Public Relations Student Society of America and National Residence Hall Honorary(NRHH). I am a member of H2O non-denominational church and a student ambassador for the School of Media and Communication.

With one of my student organizations, NRHH, I am the Service Director. In October, I organized a campus-wide sock drive. Socks are the number one thing requested by homeless shelters during the colder months so I wanted to to make a difference in the community. I placed donation boxes in all the residence halls and advertised our project on social media and flyers around campus. My goal was to collect 100, but actually got over 230 pairs of brand new socks for local homeless shelters.

Service is very important to me. I feel like the times I am built up the most is when I am helping others. No matter where I am in life, there will always be people that can benefit from my help, even if it is from something as small as pairs of socks.

Leadership is another thing I value and hope to contribute to all of my relationships and classes on campus. I am excited to learn new things and I am always up for a challenge.

In Multimedia Reporting I have gained various skills with different media systems. I have learned how to create a website, mix and fade audio clips, HTML code and use Adobe Lightroom Photoshop. I have acquired skills on platforms such as Wordpress, Audacity, Adobe Premiere and Visual Studio Code. I hope to only build knowledge on these platforms and topics as I continue my college career.

Please feel free to take a look at my class Wordpress website, my resume and my Linkedin profile located to the right or my class assignments which I have included below. Thanks!

Faces of BG Project: Spencer Walsh

For this project, we were required to interview a person that has significantly impacted Bowling Green State University. I wanted to focus on BGSU Senior Spencer Walsh and recognize him for the involvement and accomplishments he has had on campus. Walsh is pictured smiling to the right of this paragraph.

Walsh is a Media Production and Economics double major. He is heavily involved in various organizations on campus and is a huge advocate for anything BGSU related. He has made campus his own by diving into many productive student organizations. He spends most of his time recognizing and helping others, so here is a quick glimpse into the life of Spencer Walsh.

Click here for the unedited interview with Spencer.

Audio Story Project: Food Allergies on Campus

Dealing with food allergies is something that college kids struggle with across the world, especially in college. BGSU has a variety of accommodations for students. Grace Gummer and Reilly Grist have experienced this at BGSU firsthand and are happy to share their story.

For this project, I learned how to mix and fade in the audio software, Audacity. Listen to the piece below to learn in-depth about two students managing their food allergies on a college campus. To the right is the poster posted around the BGSU Student Union informing students with allergies some of their options for help.

Slideshow Project: Shopping Options Around BGSU

Using a Nikon 3200 and Adobe Spark, I completed my slideshow project on the shopping options for students around BG. When students move out into the real world with college, chances are they are going to need to go buy something.

Students use shopping for many different reasons. Whether it is a fun activity, a way to get something critical, or even a coping mechanism, there are many places around BGSU that will offer students exactly what they need. This project shows different places to shop around Bowling Green, Ohio.

Video Voiceover Project: Traditions to Tomorrow

For this project, I recorded a voiceover and used Adobe Premiere to add my voice to the B roll footage. It was interesting to learn how to use other sounds to cover B-roll footage. I really liked this project and I have a feeling this is not the last time I am going to be using Adobe Premiere.

BGSU transformed its campus green into a completley different atomosphere for students to enjoy. This was part of their Traditions to Tomorrow project. Watch the video to hear about all of the plans for the brand new business building that came early fall 2020. (Note: I did not take these videos or write the script)

Video Story Project: Life as a Pre-law Student

Deciding what to study in college is a challenge for most people. There are endless options, so how can you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life during high school?

Olivia Parcher is a Second-Year Junior at BGSU studying to be a lawyer and potential judge. She has wanted to be a lawyer her whole life. Her work ethic and longing for success are apparent in every aspect of her life.

In this video, that will hopefully help upcoming pre-law students, she touches on what she is doing to be successful and what BGSU does to help students get on track for law school.

I took these videos with a Nikon 3200 camera and used Adobe Premiere to pair the B-roll footage and her interview. Watch the video below to see more.