Endangered Species in Ohio | Data Project

Plants, animals, fish and insects are some of the 41,415 species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened species. 122 of which fall in the state of Ohio. 

The Species Enxtinction says, “The current species extinction rate is estimated to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural or ‘background’ rate.” 

The IUCN is an informative source of global extinction and evaluates the conservation status of animal, plant and fungus species. 

Species all around the globe face threats of endangerment and extinction. Specifically in the United States, laws have been put in place to protect these species.

The US Endangered Species Act has been reported by worldwildlife.org to be “our nation’s most effective law to protect at-risk species from extinction, with a stellar success rate: 99% of species listed on it have avoided extinction.”

Of Ohio’s 122 endangered species, The Nature Conservancy features 8 of which they are protecting from extinction. The Conservancy says they work to “protect, manage and restore areas across Ohio that will help bring these species back and help them thrive.” 

Loss of quality habitat is one of the main reasons for species endangerment, but the proximity of human to animal or plant could be a bigger problem.

“People and threatened species are often concentrated in the same areas,” IUCN said.

According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, endangered species are, “any species that is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range,” and threatened species are, “any species that is likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range.”


Other categories like vulnerable, least concerned, critical habitat and critically endangered exist to further define conservation status.

WorldWildlife has a species directory with various creatures and what their conservation status is. Categorizing helps determine severity of situations.

Unexpected Fashion Trends of 2021 | Thinglink Project

Two months into 2021, it is clear to see what has made a splash in the fashion industry, and what hasn’t. A variety of pieces can be found below, ranging from shoes to jackets to masks.

Fashion has kept many afloat during COVID-19. It has given people a different way to express themselves but also provides a new sense of creativity.

Many of these trends have established themselves from social media platforms, particularly Tiktok. This app is considerably new in comparison to other social media sites but has gained popularity and impact quickly.

Though the year is still in its first months, the fashion trends below show a complex collection of what has become popular.

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The Little Red School House | Juxtapose Project

Below is my Juxtapose project of BGSU’s Little Red School House. The schoolhouse has been a special feature to the campus and serves as an Education Memorabilia Center. Learn more about the center, here!

This one-room schoolhouse was originally built in Huron County but moved to BGSU’s campus in 1974.  It has been a centerpiece of campus ever since. A new tradition arose in 2017 where students from the College of Education and Human Development start their semester by ringing a bell outside the center.

With hopes of the tradition continuing, COVID-19 might have other plans.

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Credit: 2010 image, Allan Jones | Flickr




Photo Slideshow Project | Simpson Garden Park

During the pandemic, COVID-19, many friends, and family struggled to find things to do to spend time together. Many turned to spend time outside because of the fresh air and the lessened possibility of contracting the disease. In Bowling Green, the Simpson Garden Park makes a perfect place for people to spend time together. It provides walking trails, natural scenery, and lush gardens. Below are examples of how the colors and shapes of the garden make a more COVID-friendly hangout spot.

The Colors and Shapes of Simpson Garden Park

Audio Story Project | #CampusClear

BGSU uses app #CampusClear to track student’s daily self-screening tests. The app features a number of selections students can make when logging on to screen themselves before going onto campus. BGSU currently has a little under 2,000 users of #CampusClear out of the over 20,0000 student body, faculty, and staff population, according to Cheif Health Officer Ben Batey. Above, Batey and Director of Marketing for Ivy.ai, the company that owns #CampusClear, spoke about the importance of the app to me.

The home screen for CampusClear
The home screen for #CampusClear
The home screen for #CampusClear

My Resume

Hello!! This post is dedicated to my past and present work experience. Here is my resume, here you can find summaries of my work history.