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Hi! My name is Megan Finke and on my site, I will be posting my journalistic work and other things, along the lines of journalism.

Hopefully, my stories and interests, interest you as well! Currently, I am the City editor for BG News, so most of my content will be intertwined with that

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Audio Story Project


Slideshow Project

During the pandemic, COVID-19, many friends, and family struggled to find things to do to spend time together. Many turned to spend time outside because of the fresh air and the lessened possibility of contracting the disease. In Bowling Green, the Simpson Garden Park makes a perfect place for people to spend time together. It provides walking trails, natural scenery, and lush gardens. Below are examples of how the colors and shapes of the garden make a more COVID-friendly hangout spot.

Simpson Garden Park Photo Slideshow

Video Project

BG Winter Farmers market on Nov. 18, 2020. In this video, you can hear from three of the vendors that typically attend the market to sell their produce.