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Growing up in the small town of Grand Rapids, Ohio, Ryan Dick attended and graduated from Otsego High School, where he helped launch a live streaming service for sporting events called Otsego TV. The stream is still up and operational to this day. After graduation, he decided to pursue his higher education just 20 minutes away at Bowling Green State University.

Ryan is a second-year student at BGSU majoring in Broadcast-Journalism. He is an active member of BG Falcon Media, BG24, WBGU-FM, and Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization. He is also the BGSU in-game host, where he engages and plays games with fans on the video board at sporting events. If you went to a home BGSU Football, Hockey, or Basketball game last year, the odds are you've seen Ryan.

In late August of 2020, Ryan reported his first public article which was featured by BG Falcon Media. The article brought public attention to racist Facebook posts and comments by a BGSU employee. Two days after the story broke, BGSU faculty held a protest which resulted in students, faculty, and community members protesting for the university to take action. Three days after the protest, the BGSU employee resigned.

When Ryan is not reporting news stories or on the jumbotron, he can be found on a baseball diamond as a High School Certified Umpire. As a kid, Ryan loved the game of baseball. But as a junior in high school, he quickly realized the ball hit him more than he hit the ball, so he decided to become an umpire.

Once Ryan graduates from Bowling Green State University, he will be pursuing a position in the broadcasting field as a reporter and eventually a news anchor.

BGPD Deputy Chief Discusses Police Deunding Budget

Deputy Chief Justin White

In an interview over the phone with BG Falcon Media reporter, Ryan Dick, Deputy Chief Justin White shares insight into the Bowling Green Police Department and their budget in response to current national movements to defund the police.

White also discusses the already existing relationship between BGPD and social workers to help people with mental illnesses, as this is one large reasoning behind the defunding movement.

The Deputy Chief encourages all citizens to reach out to the police department if they have any questions or concerns.

Retired BGPD Sergeant shares experience, stories

Retired BGPD Sergeant Alan Carsey

After patrolling the streets of Bowling Green for 25 years, retired police sergeant Alan Carsey shares his experiences on the force and offers advice to those entering the field.

Carsey's son, Seth Edwards, also comments about what life was like growing up with a police officer as a parent.

Listen to the audio below to hear their story.

Life on campus during a pandemic

Two months into the first semester with COVID-19 protocols in place, students share their experiences and opinions on how BGSU has handled the pandemic.

Watch "Life on campus during a pandemic: From a student's perspective" to see the changes to the campus of Bowling Green State University and to hear the opinions of students at the university.

For more information, check out the article in BG Independent News.

Construction on Hanna Hall

Bowling Green State University’s campus is changing once again. Hanna Hall is being converted into a new building for the College of Business.

Construction on the project began last year. BGSU says the new building will include cutting-edge instructional facilities and labs, helping the university attract and retain students.

College Classes During a Pandemic

Bowling Green State University students and professors share their experiences with the transition into a new mode of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.