2021 Best Cities to Live in the U.S.

Americans are constantly on the move, but when it’s time to find a place to call home they are sure to browse the web in search of “the best cities to live in America.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 80% of the United States population lives in urban areas. In this article, we narrow down the top 10 cities ranked by Niche.com.
Niche.com’s data comes from public sources such as Department of Education, U.S. Census, and FBI. “We rigorously analyze dozens of public data sets and over 100 million reviews and survey responses to help you understand what a place is really like,” the site states. The rankings are based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities.
The number one top rated city is The Woodlands in Texas. The current population is 113,819. It’s known for great public schools, jobs, housing and diversity. Families gravitate here and residents lean conservative. “The Woodlands is very organized and filled with creativity with sculptures, shops, clubs, etc. It’s an amazing place to raise a family or to spend the weekend with your friends,” said a current resident.
Second is Arlington. This city is located in Virginia with a population of 400,316. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks are hot spots. Young professionals love the urban area. “It’s the perfect mix of urban and suburban,” a resident said.
Naperville, Illinois comes in third with a population of 147,167. This city has a high ranking in public schools, housing, diversity and jobs.
Shana Vladesov grew up in Naperville but is currently living in Bowling Green, Ohio. She said, “Living in Naperville gives off a suburban vibe. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. I loved going up there.”
Ranked in the fourth spot is Overland Park, Kansas. With a population of 201,034 Overland Park is known for their family atmosphere, public schools, housing and outdoor activities. There are a plethora of restaurants, coffee shops and parks where young professionals and residents spend a lot of time.
Cambridge, Massachusetts is ranked fifth and has a population of 118,927. Many residents rent their homes because it can be a vacation spot with a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks. There is a young crowd and the public schools are top rated.
In the sixth spot is Ann Arbor, Michigan. The population is 328,000. A niche user said, “Probably one of the most cleanest cities I’ve visited in Michigan. Very family friendly. Also, very lively and safe at night. Very diverse and has some of the best restaurants!” Their highest rankings include public schools, families, nightlife, diversity and an easy commute.
Number seven is Plano, Texas with a population of 285,537 residents. They are ranked high for their public schools, housing, good for families, diversity and nightlife. “Plano, Tx is a Great Place to raise a family!” said a current resident.
Eighth is Columbia, Maryland. They have a population of 103,991. Families and young professionals love this city for its suburban feel, coffee shops, parks, public schools, jobs, outdoor activities and nightlife.
Ninth is Berkeley, California with a population of 120,763. “Moving to Berkeley is undoubtably the best decision I have ever made! This particular city is wildly diverse and full of vibrance and excitement. Overlooking the high-cost of living that comes with the Bay Area — the weather and college atmosphere are unprecedented. I highly recommend living here,” said a current resident.
Lastly, ranked 10th, is Bellevue, Washington. A resident said, “I just moved to Bellevue from Southern California a few months ago. I love being in close proximity to everything- 15 minutes to Seattle, 15 minutes to wine country, 30 minutes to a beautiful waterfall and snow.” This city has high rankings in their public schools, family environment, nightlife, diversity and outdoor activities.
Finding a forever home can be hard, with the help of sites such as Niche.com, current residents and reliable data, you are able to find the fit for you.

Shopping Experience At Target- Slideshow Project


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In this slideshow, I talk about the appeal and components of shopping at Target.


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