Teaching During Covid-19: Susan Burak’s Perspect on Online Learning

Susan Burak has been teaching special education for over 35 years. She has dedicated her life to empowering her students and pushing them towards success. In this video, she discusses how she had to change her teaching methods and adjust to teaching online due to COVID-19.

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Traditions to Tomorrow Video Voice Over

BGSU is transforming its campus once again as an effort to continue the “Traditions to Tomorrow” Project. The new building for the business building will be finished Fall 2020. This project is a video sequence that includes shots taken throughout campus during the construction made with Adobe Premiere.

BGSU students share how they adapted to online learning

BGSU students are now halfway through the fall 2020 semester but due to COVID-19, most of it was spent outside the classroom. Ultimately, students were forced to adapt to a new style of learning- online. Watch the slideshow presentation below to learn more or watch it here

2018 BGSU homecoming queen, Shannon Clearly, discusses her new position in BGSU staff

Bowling Green State University’s 2018 homecoming queen, Shannon Clearly, was recently hired as BGSU’s Enrollment and Communications coordinator. Listen to her speak before about the challenges she has faced in her position this far.

Faces of BG: Kayla Musgrave

Kayla Musgrave is a junior Accounting and Bussiness Analytics major at Bowling Green State University. Kayla is heavily involved at BGSU but loves every second of it. From taking part in various campus organizations to being a peer leader for freshmen, Kayla has made the most of her education at BGSU.  To listen to the full interview with this successful BGSU student, click the link here.

Interview with Rabbit Auctioneer

Please listen to the following interview that I conducted with a young rabbit auctioneer by clicking the following link here.

Little girl and white rabbit.            







My History and Resume

My name is Alexa Burak and I am currently a journalism student at Bowling Green State University. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I fell in love with journalism in the fifth grade. After being recruited to write for the Hopewell Junior High Hi-lites, I felt empowered by my ability to write openly about how terrible I found the breadsticks served in the cafeteria. From there, I would move on and write hundreds of more articles for my school. Varying from coverage of a Trump rally to an opinion piece on why Creedence Clearwater Revival’s music was ahead of its time, journalism has exposed me to so many different people, opinions, ideas, cultures, and lifestyles. It has helped me shape who I am and understand the world around me a little better. To learn more about my education and work history, my resume is located here.

First Post

Hello, my name is Alexa Burak and I am currently a second-year student at Bowling Green State University. For now, I am studying Broadcast Journalism and Spanish. For Journalism 2550, a class at Bowling Green State University I am enrolled in, I am required to create my own website. With my website, I post various stories about BGSU and the local news of Bowling Green, Ohio. For more information about the journalism major at BGSU, their website is here.