Abigail's Profile and Resume Page

Picture of Abby in Italy.

Abby Grollmus grew up in Hamilton, Ohio. She graduated from Hamilton High School 22nd in her class with a 4.0 GPA. Her freshman year of high school she took a journalism class and fell in love. She was the editor of the opinion section while writing stories on trends and fashion. Her senior year of high school she was involved in the journalism course offered that produced the school news. While in this class she grew familiar with the use of editing equipment for news. She’s spent over 50 hours volunteering. She raised awareness for homelessness by participating in her high schools “Cardboard City.” She has also volunteered over 20 hours in her local animal hospital.

Following high school she applied to Bowling Green State University, due to their accredited journalism program and facilities. BGSU has become Abby’s home for the past three years. While in her sophomore year, she studied in Salzburg, Austria for her minor in German. In Austria, Abby learned invaluable communication and leadership skills. Living in Austria taught her many cultural lessons most Americans don’t get to experience. This gives her a better view of the world and others.

Audio Story: Diversity in Bowling Green

Bowling Green student Meredith Dial speaks about her involvment in an organization focused on making a change in the community for women of color. She talks about their goals and different approaches the group takes in order to get more people involved. Interested in listening to Abby's most recent interview with BGSU student Meredith Dial? Click here for the full interview.

Audio Story: Fundraising for Candy Sale

Meredith and partner sitting at booth selling candy bags.

Two members of BGSU's National Council of Negro Women talk about their efforts to raise money for their association. What are they going to do with that money? Listen to find out.

Native American Heritage Month Slideshow

November is a month dedicated to celebrating and bringing awareness to Native Americans. Check out this quick slideshow detailing Bowling Green's exhibits showcasing Native American influence in literary work, film and music.

Hanna Hall Remodel at BGSU

Hanna Hall at BGSU is in the midst of some major reconstruction. BGSU hopes to offer more modern and advanced learning facilities for its students with this new addition to campus.

Final: Falcon Frozone Movie Event

BGSU's University Activities Organization (UAO) puts together fun activities the week before finals to help students de-stress. These events are free of charge to all students and is a way for the University to give back during an angst-filled week.