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I am originally from Antwerp, Ohio, which is a small town 20 minutes outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I attended Antwerp High School in Antwerp, Ohio, where I was involved in cross country, track, musical theatre, show choir, marching band, NHS and more. I graduated in the 2018 with NHS recognition and honors. Currently, I am a second year journalism major with a specialization in public relations and a minor in political science at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). I started my journalism career as a copy editor for the BG News, where I proofread articles before they were posted online. This helped build my confidence in my writing. By my second semester at BGSU, I had began writing columns and reporting on local and national news. At the end of my first year, I applied to be the social media editor. Now, I hold that position, which means people often find me in BGSU’s convergence lab, the home of BGSU Falcon Media. My posts can be found on BG Falcon Media’s Facebook and Twitter as well. I am the Falcon Media associate of Falcon Communications, the public relations firm on BGSU’s campus. This position allows me to communicate between my position at the BG News and Falcon Communications, making sure the appropriate posts are being scheduled on social media. I am the treasurer of the BGSU College Democrats as well. I love politics and political conversations. Because of this, most of my columns (with bias) and articles (without bias) revolve around issues in the political realm. This year, I plan to intern with the Wood County Young Democrats as their social media intern. This role will allow me to write press releases and report on local news, while also increasing Wood County Young Democrats’ presence on social media. In the future, I see myself in a city, helping to create policy and electing politicians who will fight for those policy positions. Using my degree, I believe that I can create a social presence online to help create movements that were not possible in the previous century. My journalism background will assist in keeping my voice factual and up-to-date with the latest news.

How to Survive Exam Week

With this week being exam week, many students are wondering how to cope with the new stresses the week brings. Sophomore Jadyn Mummey gives his thoughts on how to de-stress and on how exam week could be improved.

Traditions to Tomorrow

BGSU's Hanna Hall is being newly renovated to become the new Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Business Building. This building is apart of BGSU's Traditions to Tomorrow plan, which is the largest investment in academic buildings in the university's history.

BGSU in business with new Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center

BGSU’s College of Business is one of the largest colleges on campus, with majors ranging from marketing to finances. To keep up with the expanding field of business, BGSU plans to open the Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center in the fall of 2020.

Audio Project - Christmas Controversy

Companies like Starbucks and Target tend to roll out their Christmas products as soon as the date hits November. Starbucks, for example, is expected to release their holiday lineup on Nov. 7, according to the company’s website. Is this too soon? Does the holiday season come too quickly? Second year Holden Wendel and second year Jadyn Mummey weigh in on the topic.

FacesofBG - Hallie Cunningham

Hallie Cunningham is a sophomore at BGSU. Cunningham got involved early onto to her career at BGSU by joining organizations such as Undergraduate Student Government (USG). In this full interview, she shares her experiences along with how BGSU students can get involved.

Below is the edited interview.