About me

My name is Ajanique Taylor. I’m 21 years old. I was born in Denver Colorado and raised in Springfield Ohio. Growing up my family was very split up. I was raised by my step mom Tanya and my father Eric. My father died when I was in 6th grade. My biological mom Lorena is Guamanian it is a asian descent this explains my love for seafood. She is still around but is more like a sister, although she does many motherly things. These three people raised me to be who I am today and that is an Ambitious, fearless and extraordinary. I absolutely value all the lessons I was taught and I will continue to use them when I have kids in the future. I have two siblings from my biological mom a sister named Tanaysza who is 19 and a brother named Zaire who is 13. I also have 4 other siblings from my other mom 3 brothers which two of them are named Eric who are 30 and 23  and one named Timothy who is 21 and a 4 year old sister named Ava. Me and my siblings grew up very spoiled I always had what I needed and more.All my siblings are basically grown and living their own lives. I am a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Public Relations and im hoping to work at a P.R firm in California or Atlanta after I graduate in 2021. College has been the best experience for me I’ve been having the time of my life . I have met so many incredible people that will surround me in my future after college. Im hoping to make a difference for my family because im a first year college student in my generation. I also want to set an example for my future kids.