FadWatch Organization Interview video

FadWatch Is a fashion-based organization on Bowling Green State University’s campus that focuses on building people’s confidence. I interviewed Tati Hayward and she expressed how practices and how the show is running to give the audience a boost of energy.

Image Of Fadwatch Board Members.

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Video Voice Over

Bowling Green State University Construction for the New Business Building will be completed in the fall’ of 2021. Current and future students are looking forward to what new things this building may bring to campus. All thanks are awarded to Patricia A. Mauer and Robert W. who donated 5 million dollars toward the project.

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Terry shares how Bowling Green’s campus has impacted her.

Teresita Kent 

Teresita Kent is a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Criminal Justice. Terri loves BG because she has made many memories. Terri is the nickname that she goes by. She is an Afro-Latina. She actually is apart of women of color in sports management where she is a treasur and also participates in an organization called Multicultural summer link that hosts various events like flag football games and paint in sips. Listen as she explains why she has fit into bowling greens community.


National Pasta Day

On October 17th is National pasta day. I went around campus and interviewed various students about what their favorite pasta’s are.

Come to find out Alfredo is a popular choice.

Hailey Wakefield and Aliyah Washington Take Miss Black and Gold and Fadwatch

Hailey Wakefield and Aliyah Washington participated in organizations that they thought they couldn’t see themselves getting involved in. In Fadwatch fashion show they tryed out with no modeling experience and received an email they got a spot on the team. Fadwatch is an organization solely based on building confidence for students on campus. Miss Black and Gold scholarship pageant was something they were even more surprised about becoming applicants to participate in but through Fadwatch teaching them walks and to become more confident I’m sure one of them will leave the pageant with a crown.