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Today you will be finding out more about myself, images of myself and also a glimpse at my resume.

About me

My name is Ajanique Taylor. I'm 21 years old. I was born in Denver Colorado and raised in Springfield Ohio. Growing up my family was very split up. I was raised by my step mom Tanya and my father Eric. My father died when I was in 6th grade. My biological mom Lorena is Guamanian it is a asian descent this explains my love for seafood. She is still around but is more like a sister, although she does many motherly things. These three people raised me to be who I am today and that is an Ambitious, fearless and extraordinary. I absolutely value all the lessons I was taught and I will continue to use them when I have kids in the future. I have two siblings from my biological mom a sister named Tanaysza who is 19 and a brother named Zaire who is 13. I also have 4 other siblings from my other mom 3 brothers which two of them are named Eric who are 30 and 23  and one named Timothy who is 21 and a 4 year old sister named Ava. Me and my siblings grew up very spoiled I always had what I needed and more.All my siblings are basically grown and living their own lives. I am a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Public Relations and im hoping to work at a P.R firm in California or Atlanta after I graduate in 2021. College has been the best experience for me I've been having the time of my life . I have met so many incredible people that will surround me in my future after college. Im hoping to make a difference for my family because im a first year college student in my generation. I also want to set an example for my future kids.


Teresita Kent is a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Criminal Justice. Terri loves BG because she has made many memories. Terri is the nickname that she goes by. She is an Afrolatina. She  actually is apart of women of color in sports management where she is a treasur and also participates in an organization called Multicultural summer link that hosts various events like flag football games and paint in sips. Listen as she explains why she has fit into bowling greens community.


Audio Project

Hailey Wakefield and Aliyah Washington participated in organizations that they thought they couldn’t see themselves getting involved in. In Fadwatch fashion show they tryed out with no modeling experience and received an email they got a spot on the team. Fadwatch is an organization solely based on building confidence for students on campus. Miss Black and Gold scholarship pageant was something they were even more surprised about becoming applicants to participate in but through Fadwatch teaching them walks and to become more confident I’m sure one of them will leave the pageant with a crown.


National Pasta Day

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