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A Journalism student with a passion for foreign relations. My resume can be found here!

My name is Madison Rusher, and I am currently a sophomore student at Bowling Green State University. I am studying Journalism with a specialization in broadcasting. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career as a foreign correspondent or meteorologist.

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As a student, I am determined and driven to achieve all that I set out to accomplish. I work well in a team-based environment, but I am also able to use my skills to flourish individually.

I grew up in Canton, Ohio, and went to Perry Local Schools located in Massillon, Ohio. I discovered my passion for journalism during my senior year when I anchored the morning announcement show, PHS News, every morning.

I currently work with the BGSU Phonathon which is an organization of student callers who strive to make contact with university alumni and parents to raise funds for the university to use for campus improvement and scholarships. During my time with the Phonathon, I have been able to expand my communication skills in order to build rapport and relationships with the prospects that I speak with. This skill can be easily transferred and used in many different fields of study, especially those going into the same field as myself.

Throughout my experience in the workplace, I have discovered that taking the time to learn more about your co-workers and employees, it helps to build a personal connection with them and help them be seen as human beings rather than numbers. To go off of this idea, I would like to share some more information relative to my personal life, rather than my professional profile. I love to travel and hope to be able to travel to as many places I can. One of the top destinations on my list of places to travel is Iceland to experience the Blue Lagoon. To help fulfill my travel dream, I am open to the idea of moving to a foreign country and living abroad as part of my career.

I grew up surrounded by pets which taught me how to love and appreciate animals. Attached below is a photo of both of my cats, Bubba(right) and Stanford(left).

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