ArtsX at BGSU

ArtsX is a yearly arts festival that takes place at BGSU. This year, ArtsX hosted Stuart MacDonald, a world class magician, along with many Fine Arts students and faculty from BGSU.

Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

With the increased awareness of climate change and other environmental issues with Earth, there is a move toward integrating more sustainable habits into everyday life.

Kroger Pricing Game at BGSU Hockey

Nate Halm, Mary Ross, Courtney Foerg, Lorraine Manda, Nora Banfill and Ben Lawson attend BGSU hockey game, all in orange BGSU attire.
(Left to Right) Nate Halm, Mary Ross, Courtney Foerg, Lorraine Manda, Nora Banfill, Ben Lawson.

Sophomore Politics, Philopsophy, Economics and Law (PPEL) and Economics major Nate Halm had the opportunity to participate in the Kroger Pricing Game during the BGSU Hockey game against Northern Michigan University on Saturday, November 26. Sophomore Social Work Courtney Foerg major, a friend of Halm, also attended the hockey game. In their interviews, both discussed their experiences with the Kroger Pricing Game and hockey games overall. Listen below.