Is your relationship headed to Splitsville this Valentine’s Day season?

Valentine’s Day is renowned as the season of love, but could it be possible that the lovey-dovey holiday can actually make it harder for romance to survive?

According to Anthony Brown from the YouTube channel SciShow Psych, Valentine’s Day can act as a catalyst for relationships to either deteriorate or grow stronger. The holiday pushes focus upon acting affectionate with your partner ad buying them gifts such as flowers and chocolate. Focusing on these aspects too closely can result in feelings of obligation or expected obligation from a partner. Thus genuine gratitude and true feelings of romance can be strained.

As Valentine’s Day has now come to pass, is your relationship still sailing smooth or are there choppy waters ahead?

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Party or Privacy? How Students Spend Their Weekends.

Abby Shupe ponders whether to hit the books or hit the party scene.

Weekends offer students time to do what they please, but what is the best way to spend that time? Sophomore Business major Josh Auten advocates that parties are essential to a student’s development and that weekend time is best spent socially. Sophomore Inclusive Early Childhood Education major Abby Shupe supports the idea of productive time use; opting to stay in and study course materials on the weekend. Listen to the interviews below.

Josh Auten advocates a social weekend while Abby Shupe advocates a calm, productive one.