Right, so hi there everybody! My name is Chaz McPeak and I am a second-year Journalism student at Bowling Green State University. I have a strong passion for anything related to the arts; including but not limited to music, drawing, theater, dancing, composition, etc. In recent years I have taken up songwriting and animation as focus projects. With a six-song EP in tow, I put my original music up for the world to hear on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify. In regard to my animation path, I developed a YouTube channel called Chaztel. The channel sports my college roommates and I in animated “story-time” videos about the interesting things that happen to us in life. When animation deadlines are tight however, we turn to traditional vlogging to keep content steady and to just have a great time. With these passions at my side, I traveled to Bowling Green with morale high and passions burning. However, music and animation are not the actual reasons I came to BG.

 I selected Bowling Green as my college because of my desire to learn the ropes of news network tech and how to produce and edit visual/audio works. After my time at BG, I hope to gain employment at Fox News in Cleveland, Ohio as a gopher. I hope to work my way up the ranks, learning new things along the way, until I hold a position of higher importance. Once I have a stable financial cushion, I dream of striking out on my own as a freelance, well, anything (related to Visual Communication Tech or Journalism of course). This would include freelance photography, digital art commissioning through Adobe Illustrator, and plenty more. All in all, I just hope to keep my life as spontaneous and exciting as possible while doing the things I love.