picture of ChazRight, so hi there everybody! My name is Chaz McPeak and I am a second-year Journalism student at Bowling Green State University. I have a strong passion for anything related to the arts; including but not limited to music, drawing, theater, dancing, composition, etc. In recent years I have taken up songwriting and animation as focus projects. With a six-song EP in tow, I put my original music up for the world to hear on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify. In regard to my animation path, I developed a YouTube channel called Chaztel. The channel sports my college roommates and I in animated “story-time” videos about the interesting things that happen to us in life. When animation deadlines are tight however, we turn to traditional vlogging to keep content steady and to just have a great time. With these passions at my side, I traveled to Bowling Green with morale high and passions burning. However, music and animation are not the actual reasons I came to BG.

I selected Bowling Green as my college because of my desire to learn the ropes of news network tech and how to produce and edit visual/audio works. After my time at BG, I hope to gain employment at Fox News in Cleveland, Ohio as a gopher. I hope to work my way up the ranks, learning new things along the way, until I hold a position of higher importance. Once I have a stable financial cushion, I dream of striking out on my own as a freelance, well, anything (related to Visual Communication Tech or Journalism of course). This would include freelance photography, digital art commissioning through Adobe Illustrator, and plenty more. All in all, I just hope to keep my life as spontaneous and exciting as possible while doing the things I love.

Abby Shupe is a Bowling Green second year specializing in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. She gives her opinion on what "good teaching" is as well as how she hopes to facilitate said teaching. To listen to the original interview audio, clickhere.<It's Abby

Weekends offer students time to do what they please, but what is the best way to spend that time? Sophomore Business major Josh Auten advocates that parties are essential to a student’s development and that weekend time is best spent socially. Sophomore Inclusive Early Childhood Education major Abby Shupe supports the idea of productive time use; opting to stay in and study course materials on the weekend. Listen to the interviews below. decisions

BGSU held a Housing Fair on November 13 to promote the various locations students can live off-campus.

The New BGSU Mauer Business Building is being constructed as a part of BG's Traditions of Tomorrow campaign.

Billiards Club treasurer James Kells talks about how playing pool can bring a community together.