The Name’s Morgan

Picture of myself while exploring downtown Greensboro, NC.

I am currently studying Journalism with a double minor in Psychology and Marketing at Bowling Green State University, but I was born and raised in North Carolina. How did I end up in Ohio you ask? Well that’s simple. Both of my parents graduated from the rival school, University of Toledo. So of course, I had to go to the school they didn’t like. While I love my falcons, I am a die hard UNC Tarheel fan. Basketball season is my favorite season, but I don’t discriminate against the other sports. I enjoy a good game day with my friends and family no matter the sport. If I’m not on campus, chances are I’m probably somewhere on a beach. Growing up so close to the ocean, my family and I made a lot of trips to the beach. To this day we try and make it to the beach as many times as we can.

While studying, I also work part time at Biaggis. I started working as a host in January, 2019. I think that working has helped me learn how to manage my time better and increased my confidence in interacting with people. My job keeps me on my toes but I enjoy it because I get to meet so many cool people. I also have a weakness for Italian food, and Biaggis has the best in town!

I am also working with Bob Bortel this semester to increase my skills in writing. I’m very excited to get this chance at growing in experience while writing about something I enjoy. I’m getting the opportunity to write profiles and pieces for our sports teams at BGSU. My love for sports is only growing with getting to write about them.

To find out more about me, explore my other pages and my resume!