The Name's Morgan

Who am I and what's there to know about me?

What am I doing and where did I come from:

Picture of Myself

I am currently studying Journalism with a double minor in Psychology and Marketing at Bowling Green State University, but I was born and raised in North Carolina. How did I end up in Ohio you ask? Well that’s simple. Both of my parents graduated from the rival school, University of Toledo. So of course, I had to go to the school they didn’t like. While I love my falcons, I am a die hard UNC Tarheel fan. Basketball season is my favorite season, but I don't discriminate against the other sports. I enjoy a good game day with my friends and family no matter the sport. If I'm not on campus, chances are I'm probably somewhere on a beach. Growing up so close to the ocean, my family and I made a lot of trips to the beach. To this day we try and make it to the beach as many times as we can.