The Name's Morgan

Who am I and what's there to know about me?

What am I doing and where did I come from:

Picture of Myself

I am currently studying Journalism with a double minor in Psychology and Marketing at Bowling Green State University, but I was born and raised in North Carolina. How did I end up in Ohio you ask? Well that’s simple. Both of my parents graduated from the rival school, University of Toledo. So of course, I had to go to the school they didn’t like. While I love my falcons, I am a die hard UNC Tarheel fan. Basketball season is my favorite season, but I don't discriminate against the other sports. I enjoy a good game day with my friends and family no matter the sport. If I'm not on campus, chances are I'm probably somewhere on a beach. Growing up so close to the ocean, my family and I made a lot of trips to the beach. To this day we try and make it to the beach as many times as we can.

Lili Dolciato came to Bowling Green as a transfer sophomore. She left an university in Boston to hopefully find a better fit for herself. She is now a junior studying studio art and spends most of her time in the art building. If you listen here you will find out more about how Lili found her place on campus.

To listen to the full interview click here.

Biaggi’s is an Italian restaurant located in Perrysburg, Oh. I got a chance to talk to Evelyn Clayton and Averi Kowalski, who both work there. Clayton is currently a host and Kowalski is currently a busser. If you want to learn more about what their job includes, press play. Also listen closely and see if you can catch the part of the chefs making goofy noises in the background!

Each sport has a season and a preseason. During the season time that is when the athletes compete or play in games. Before seasons comes around, the athletes must prepare for their season during their preseason. Click the Here to learn more about what the University of Arkansas gymnastics team's preseason is like