Voter Turnout in U.S. Presidential Elections from 1824-2020

Over the years, the amount of people turning out to vote in the United States Presidential Election every four years has been steadily increasing. Especially over the last years as the presidential election gained an increased amount of public attention and people who did not normally pay attention to elections were paying attention.

In 1824 the total the population was 10.6 million people and only 350,000 votes were cast. In just four years, the population grew to 11.9 million people and the amount of total votes cast was 1.14 million. There was an increase in just those four years. We can see an even bigger increase if we look at the data 100 years later. In the year 1924 the population was 114.1 million and 28.93 million people voted in the presidential election.

The date from the early years of the presidential election was useful in seeing the amount of people out of the total population that voted in each election. However, starting in 1932, more data became available. There was data on the number of people in the United States who were belonged to the voting age population, or people who were of age to vote in elections.  These data allow us to compare how many people out of the total voting population actually voted in each election. This allows us to analyze more closely the percentage of people turning out to vote in elections.

For example, we can compare the two most recent, and for some, most important, presidential elections. In 2016, the total U.S. Population was 324.31 million, 250.06 million people belong to the voting age population. Out of that population 136.75 million people voted in the election. That is roughly 54.47% of the total voting population voted in the election. In 2020, the total population was 331 million, and 257.61 million belonged to the voting age population. A total of 158.38 million people voted in the election. That is roughly 61.3% of the voting age population voting in the presidential election. An example of a more detailed look at the increase in voter turnout from election to election.

The data on voter turnout to elections is important. It demonstrates an increase in interest in what is going on in the United States government. More people want to have their voices heard and what to see change happen. Choosing to vote is one way that U.S. citizens feel they can achieve those goals.

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The ways of consuming music: Thinglink project

Music is a huge part of many people’s lives. With the many different genres, styles, bands, artists, messages, etc. available, there is bound to be some sort of music out there for everyone.

Also, there are many different ways that people can consume music. Over the years the methods that people have used to consume music have changed. There is vinyl records, cassettes, radio, CDs, and now there is streaming. With streaming being the most recent addition to the methods available for music consumption.

In the image below, is a 6-1 Victrola Record Player, that includes the ability for bluetooth, radio and to play CDs and cassettes. Included in the image are links where you can learn about the increase in vinyl sales over the years, the decrease in CD sales, a breakdown of music streaming services and more.

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Slider Project: Benefits of making your bed

Making your bed every morning may seem like a tedious and pointless task. It may seem silly to spend a few minutes fixing the pillow and blankets when in a few hours you will get back into bed and mess it up all over again. However, research is showing, taking a few minutes to make your bed can be beneficial.

According to research done by the National Sleep Association, people who make their beds in the morning get better sleep at night. This is because they are going to bed in a tidy and organized room. Also, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Seal William H. McCraven feels that making your bed every morning is important. In a commencement speech at the University of Texas he said,” If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.”

By making your bed everyday you are completing a small task. It may not appear that way, but it may make a difference in your day. So take the extra five minutes and fix those pillows and blankets.

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Audio Story-Interview Project

The Bowen-Thompson Student Union is a place on BGSU’s campus that allow students to grab food, buy some Starbucks, catch up with friends, check out Falcon Outfitters, study, use the computer lab, among many other things. With all that goes on in the union, it is usually a place full of noise. From the noise of people buying and paying for food or waiting in the long Starbucks line, talking with their friends, promoting their clubs, working on projects, there is hardly ever a time when it is quiet in the union. However, even with that noise, it is still a place that students choose to do homework. Three students describe why they like working on their school work in the union and what some of the benefits are.

Picture of the BGSU Student Union

My Audio Story

Chloe Koon is a sophomore at BGSU who is studying forensic science with hopes of becoming a forensic pathologist or medical examiner after she graduates. She has had a love of science, especially biology for years. She has found a way of combining those interests with her academic scholarship to find her place here at BGSU.

Listen to the full interview here.

Here is the edited version of her interview.

picture of Chloe Kool