Audio Story-Interview Project

The Bowen-Thompson Student Union is a place on BGSU’s campus that allow students to grab food, buy some Starbucks, catch up with friends, check out Falcon Outfitters, study, use the computer lab, among many other things. With all that goes on in the union, it is usually a place full of noise. From the noise of people buying and paying for food or waiting in the long Starbucks line, talking with their friends, promoting their clubs, working on projects, there is hardly ever a time when it is quiet in the union. However, even with that noise, it is still a place that students choose to do homework. Three students describe why they like working on their school work in the union and what some of the benefits are.

Picture of the BGSU Student Union

My Audio Story

Chloe Koon is a sophomore at BGSU who is studying forensic science with hopes of becoming a forensic pathologist or medical examiner after she graduates. She has had a love of science, especially biology for years. She has found a way of combining those interests with her academic scholarship to find her place here at BGSU.

Listen to the full interview here.

Here is the edited version of her interview.

picture of Chloe Kool